The Latest Articles From Comuniti That are Interesting About The Impact of Covid-19

Article about impact of pandemic

The Latest Articles From Comuniti That are Interesting About The Impact of Covid-19

Comuniti provides a variety of the latest articles, one of which contains the topic of covid-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of the world. Based on CSSEGISandData, the total number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia reached 4.25 million people, while 144,000 people died. The highest cases in Indonesia were 41,521 on average in 7 days. Indonesia has made various efforts to improve and strengthen various social protection programs so that the situation returns to normal. Until finally on October 27, 2021, Covid-19 cases began to decline and the average rate in 7 days was only 65 people.

The impact of this pandemic can be felt from various aspects. Comuniti has summarized these aspects in the articles below.

Article on the impact of the pandemic on the economy, especially on employers, by Bayu Tri Anggoro

The title of this article is ‘The Staggering COVID-19 Impact on Employment: A Fragment of Economic Fallout During The Pandemic’. This article explains that the impact of COVID-19 on employment is real. This impact is felt more in people who have low incomes. In the UK, the impact of COVID-19 on employment has left one in 20 people unable to find work, an increase since the start of the pandemic. Those who are feeling the impact of COVID-19 are young people who work in shops, pubs, restaurants and recreation areas.

According to analysis from the Bank of England, the unemployment rate will hit 5.5% in the fall (September 2021-December 2021). Another analysis obtained is that the number of unemployed youth will decrease next year as the economy improves. Meanwhile, in the Asia-Pacific region, the impact of COVID-19 on employment has had quite an impact, seen from the reduction in working hours and work layoffs. This makes people unemployed and causes poverty levels to increase and welfare to decline.

Various specific things have been explained in Bayu’s article, such as data on how many working hours were cut during the pandemic, various sectors that were heavily affected by COVID, and so on.

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Article on the impact of the pandemic on education, by Renda Aulia

The title of this article is ‘Education Quality During Covid-19 Pandemic’. Renda Aulia provides information through this article about countries, including Indonesia, which has adopted regulations prohibiting face-to-face education programs. The government forces the relevant institutions to provide alternative teaching effectiveness for students. Educational media during this pandemic are all online-based.

There are many problems with online learning, such as the readiness of teachers to accommodate all learning processes. So this requires adaptation for all parties. This article will also discuss the problems faced by various parties involved in this online learning. The perspectives of the government, educational institutions, teachers, students, and parents will also be discussed here in detail.


Article on the social and environmental impact of the pandemic, by Aurelia Miranda

The title of this article is ‘3 Covid-19 Impacts on Water Sector for Sanitation and The Emergency Response’. This article provides an overview of the pandemic situation which reminds us to always maintain cleanliness starting from the most basic thing, like washing hands. Practice personal hygiene by washing hands with soap and water into a simple daily routine. However, in areas where access to water is difficult, this will become a serious problem.

Another habit that needs to be implemented is avoiding crowds or avoiding the use of public transportation with a dense passenger capacity. But the various needs of society require each individual to work outside the home. On the other hand, we must continue to maintain cleanliness because the victims of Covid-19 are already many and very dangerous. Therefore, the use of water to clean yourself and avoid Covid-19 is very important. Aurelia Miranda in her article discusses in detail the enormous use of water and the government’s efforts to overcome this.


The following is an article that discusses the effects of COVID-19. Hopefully the articles above are useful.

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