be careful of pesticide poisoning, 4 reasons why you should move to hydroponic farming

be careful of pesticide poisoning, 4 reasons why you should move to hydroponic farming

Fruits and vegetables are essential components of healthy diet which must be supplied in our fridge. Usually, we get used to buy them in the supermarket because we thought that they are very fresh and hygienic. We not concern about how the vegetables and the fruit are produced by farmers uses pesticide. As the result, this can cause acute effects on human health. To avoid the dangerous impact of pesticide, you can start to plant your own vegetable and fruit by hydroponic gardening. This are 4 reasons why hydroponic farming is the best solution!


1. So much affordable and easy to do

Using hydroponic system for gardening is just needs low budget and simple to organize, you just need water pump and long pipe. The pipe is used as the medium for planting seeds, while the pump functions to circulate water to the plants, so they get sufficient oxygen and nutrient. Or maybe you can make hydroponics in more simple way by applying your unused bottles, so it also useful for recycling bottles.

2. Clean and hygienic

To pick the crops, you don’t have to be annoyed by pulling the vegetable from the ground and afraid that the vegetable will be gross because of the soil. You just need to pull it out of the pipe and the vegetables and fruit are kept clean and fresh. Fresh food will give different effect on you, making you healthier. After you pick your crop, you can make fresh vegetable salad then.

3. Highly effective

Hydroponic gardening is highly effective for person who don’t have much time to organize the plant or person who is lazy to look after the plant. They don’t need special treatment as plants grown on the ground which needs to be watered and fertilized all the time, and while you are forgot then the plant would dry and die. Hydroponics doesn’t need to be watered regularly and when you are going somewhere, you don’t have responsibility to treat them.

4. You can choose the location

You can choose where you want to place the hydroponics. They are not necessarily need broad space in your room. You just can locate it on the corner of your room or in front of your home.

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