4 Simple Ways to Level Up Your Quality Education in Language Skills by Learning Foreign Languages

4 Simple Ways to Level Up Your Quality Education in Language Skills by Learning Foreign Languages

Among many other skills which supported to quality education is language skills. According to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), quality education is one of 17 programs that aims to guarantee the inclusive, fair, and promote chance of getting education for all people. In order to boost our skills in language, we can try to learn foreign languages. As an example, we able to learn English as the most common and popular language around the world. Since English is also the international language, it will be very useful to learnt. Moreover, there is also one of the popular languages these days such as Korean language. Lately, Korean language become more and more famous since people watch Korean Drama nowadays.

Before we get to know how to learn foreign languages in the most effective and easiest way, first of all I am going to tell you some beneficial reasons why we should start learn foreign languages from now.

  • Increase our creativity. While we are learning new foreign language, we use many different method of learning approaches like playing game and many ways that indirectly force us to be more creative.

  • Gain more profound understanding of our own culture. In process we learn new foreign language, we are not focusing on learn the language only but usually also about the culture as well, right? So we have to understand about our first native language to simplify the process.

  • Improve analytical, problem solving skills, etc. At the time when we learn new language, we accustomed to practice more. Multilingual people usually will not have any difficulties to make their own decisions.

  • Get more great job opportunity and salary for our career in the future. These days, bilingual or multilingual people are more valuable due to multilingual ability is a competitive edge in this era.

  • Create more positive manners. People who learn any other language usually can accept the existence of diversity around them, so they generally be more respect to others.

Here are the most effective and easiest ways to learn foreign language:

  • Read modern classic novel to enrich your vocabularies. Through this activity, we can sharpen our language skills in reading by listing new vocabularies then look for the meaning.
  • Watch movies, series, or drama with subtitles of your target language. Other than that, you can also try to listen to radio or podcast. These two activities help a lot in your language skills in listening.
  • Create simple sentences to essays. Start writing from making simple sentences then make it into paragraphs and essays to involve your language skills in writing. While writing, you have to remember all the listed vocabularies from the previous activities ( reading and watching ). We can say that, this writing activity really help us to accomplish in our language learning activities with every aspect in language skills.
  • Practice regularly. Consistency is a must when we want to master something. In this case is about learning new foreign languages.

Remember to start these tips based on your level. You can check your level by following a test simply on the internet or in any of language institutes. If you are in a beginner level, you can try from the easiest sources to learn. For example for gaining your language skills in reading you can start with reading children’s book. Try to enjoy your every process of learning new language in order to improve your language skills. Never force to start with things you think you can do. Do not forget to take a rest and give yourself some rewards after you finish learning something . Sometimes, give rewards can motivate us more to achieve our goals.

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