4 Sexual Violence Brutal Facts on United States Military

4 Sexual Violence Brutal Facts on United States Military

Based on World Health Organization or known as WHO, sexual violence is the act or something do that has a tendency to the sexual point that also has uncomfortable results along with coercion in any condition. A wide range of sexual acts can be done in many distinct settings and circumstances.

The things that can be considered as sexual violence such as rape within a relationship, marriage, or by strangers, and even rape during armed conflict; sexual harassment including unwanted sex; sexual abuse of children; forced marriage; as well as the force of having an abortion.

However, not only women, but men also can experience sexual violence. Furthermore, these days as technology develops so much advance, over the past decade, the phenomenon of sexual violence is rather increasing. Besides, there are also different cultures in willingness to bring sexual violence out into the openness. In fact, within the United States military also undergo acts of violence.

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The Widespread Sexual Violence

Sexual violence protesters

In the fiscal year 2018, there were up to 20.000 members who were being raped, violent, and assaulted, consisting of 13.000 women and 7.500 men. The increasing rate of rape and violence arrived by almost 40 percent from 2016 to 2018. The doers of sexual violence were coming from their higher rank and someone in their chain of command. Most of the victims did not do the report the cases into the crime.

Low Certainty and Satisfaction in System

Sexual violence campaign

Most of the victims who did not report feared retaliation from their coworkers and command. They were afraid that the result would be unfair, unsatisfied, and nothing would be done as the result of the reporting process. Besides, they still believed that reporting the case would break their career. Furthermore, the chain of command also gave support to the female survivors, however, the number of the survivor was less than half.

Sexual Violence is Seriously High

Demonstration of sexual harassment

1 out of 5 women who experienced sexual harassment was also experienced assault. The perpetrators were coming from their chain of command. The victims are consisting men and women that pointed above 5 percent.  Moreover, within a year from 2018 to 2019, sexual violence was reported to increase by 10 percent.

Good Discipline and Order at Risk

Illustration of harassment

The service members who are sexually harassed are at greater risk as well of sexual violence. More than 1 out of 4 of survivors both sexual assault and sexual violence decided to leave the military to keep off from the unwanted deeds either violence and assault sexually.

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From several facts above, based on World Health Organization or WHO,  there are many factors that increase the risk of someone being raped, violent, assaulted, and harassment.  Factors from our environment include family and peers. Many factors have an additive effect, as a result of the more other factors are also present and cannot be denied that it leads to a greater number of cases in facing sexual violence, harassment, and rape.

Besides the factors, the consequences ought to be concerned as well. As a result, people who experienced it sometimes decide to suicidal behaviour. Furthermore, mental health and disease might be exposed to the victims. Those things might be lead us to protect ourselves by doing sexual violence prevention such as doing individual approaches including psychological care and support; programming for perpetrators; expanding and deepening life-skills and other educational programmes; doing the prevention campaigns; looking for health care professionals.

Moreover, health professionals both psychological and physical are the important thing in facing sexual violence from collecting evidence to assist prosecutions. The role and involvement of government as well as a civil society ought to be strengthened for a strong commitment to end these cases and prevent violence that will come.

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