Donations as number 1 of the best ways to reduce poverty

Donations as number 1 of the best ways to reduce poverty

Poverty are everywhere. Maybe we often feel that we are in the most miserable condition in this world. We struggle to get what we want. whether it be in the form of goods or food. We feel we have tried our best, but still we can’t reach our dreams. Then we start judging the world. Feel that the world is unfair. We blame the people around us.

However, have we ever tried to look closely at the conditions around us?

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It turns out that there are still many people out there who are in a much worse and difficult situation than us.

Maybe we are still just confused about what to eat or have to be patient to save first to buy the things we dream of. But many people out there are still confused whether they can eat today or not. They live in a true poverty.

These hungry people out there don’t expect much. They only wished they could eat one thing in order to continue living. What if we just make their dreams come true?

Often we hear wise people say that

“You will not become poor by sharing. In fact, it will open the door of sustenance even more”.

Is it true what they say? Do you believe? How about we prove it? How about we start giving donation?

Instead of saving everything and then running out for items that will not last how long, let’s share the sustenance that we have now. When we share by donating to those in need, at least we will see the results of our giving for a long time.

In fact, we can get even better things: good wishes from those we help.

They get food, we get peace.

It benefits both materially and psychologically.

You can check here to start it.

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