Developments Of The Digital World Might Just Jumpstart The Futuristic World We All Know And Love

Developments Of The Digital World Might Just Jumpstart The Futuristic World We All Know And Love

There’s one thing Blade Runner, Cyberpunk 2077, Black Panther, and many other futuristic fiction franchises have in common. Bet you’ve guessed it, the mesmerizing, high-technology, futuristic settings that attract us to explore their worlds with wonder. The city lights, the cybernetic body parts, the robots (or androids, whichever you prefer), all so astonishing, with a touch of possible reality they bring. That possibility might just get increased by the plans and developments of the digital world for this new decade.

Aside from all the gritty powerplays and violent actions involved in futuristic-themed media, our world (the reality, of course) might be walking into that ‘fantastic futurism’ direction since the chance for the world of ‘going digital’ gets really high this year. I know, I also asked the same question of ‘haven’t we go digital already?’. We do apply digitalization to a lot of our lives’ aspects, a lot of aspects have been converted into digital format these days, yet we haven’t gone full-digital. We’re talking full-on, global digital infrastructure here. So what are these ‘promises’ about?

The futuristic Night City as the setting of Cyberpunk 2077
Source: Gamebrott

Starting from the Chinese-based tech company Huawei, which has been around since 1987. Three and a half-decade after its formation, Huawei revealed their plans for seven all-secure, all-reliable innovations to the digital world. David Wang, Huawei executive director and president of ICT products & solution, stated that these innovations will be focusing on the major application aspects of digitalization such as digital offices, data centers, Wide Area Network (also known as WAN, AKA the network type that most of us have been using to access the internet), smart ways of manufacture, even speeding up the global digital infrastructure developments.

On the field side of things, Huawei came up with OptiXsense EF3000, an optical sensor with a 97% level of accuracy which is designed to handle tasks including inspections of industries’ oil and gas pipelines around the world. The accuracy level that OptiXsense EF3000 possesses proved to be higher than the average level of accuracy from nowadays’ optics.

The Huawei OptiXsense EF 3000 Hardware
Source: Huawei Forum

For the office side, Huawei proposed a pair of projects under the name ‘Office Twins’. This package deal consists of the industry’s highest-performance Wi-Fi 6E product, AirEngine 6761, and the six-in-one technology, IdeaHub. The duo is designed as an efficient collaboration to run fast and effective work activities. IdeaHub itself could provide six different uses alone, functioning as a computer, a speaker, a microphone, a conference endpoint, a projector, and a whiteboard as the user desires it to be. Sounds like the upcoming work standard for the soon-present digital world.

Even Huawei has something for CC, with a form of a solution that provides a diversified computing length for every customer so they can roll out of every public platform manageably. This just shows how far the world is progressing to a ‘complete’ digital world direction in the near future.

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On the other side of the continent, the IDC Digital Transformation (DX) Summit India and Future Enterprise Awards 2021 has got a winner in the ‘Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure’ category, which is won by Vedanta Aluminium. That’s right, the largest aluminium producer of India won the prestigious award with their Digital Smelter and Wi-Fi 6 projects. CEO of the Aluminium Business, Vedanta Ltd., Mr. Rahul Sharma states that the company strives to ready the future of the industry by providing the best digital solutions, reliable production of the ‘green metal’ aluminium, and implementation of digitalization at their plants, among many other contributions they make.

Vedanta Aluminium’s Digital Smelter Technology, ready to shape up the formation of the ‘complete digital world’
Source: Pragativadi

The futuristic world we’ve been admiring from fictional media are slowly coming to reality, with many real-world progressions shaping up the process. The beginning of ‘complete’ world digitalization has emerged throughout many countries, with China and India as a couple of leading ones. Let’s just hope all the gleamy technology and dreamy lights are coming, but not the dark and dangerous chaos that usually comes with it in the movies.

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