How Inclusivity Become The Important 1st Step of Peace

How Inclusivity Become The Important 1st Step of Peace

Inclusivity has been rising greatly these past few years. it’s still not enough to undo all the damaging exclusivity that has been present in the world for who knows how long, but it shows a promising potential. Everyone who wants the better of the world keeps saying ‘world peace’ everywhere, ‘inclusivity’ can also be heard a lot by the more specified talkers. How does these 2 terms connect with each other?

They precede each other before one of them rose to pose as a culture adopted by society, or you could say, by the people of the world. Dr. Teresa Dumasy wrote in Conciliation Resources that “Evidence shows that peace processes that are more inclusive have a better chance of success.” A lot of parts of the world have been civil for a very long time, they might even suitable to be described as ‘peaceful’ or bringing some sort of ‘peace’ within them. But when a peaceful community also upholds inclusivity, both of those aspects blend together to create a warm synergy, now that’s what we can call ‘real peace’.

Yes, they go together real well like that, but how?
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Let’s take communities as our viewpoint analysis object. You see, when a community upholds a peaceful environment, the people included in it have genuine respect for each other. They don’t do it to follow a form of oppressed instinct that tells them to have respect as a way of upholding peace, if they’re doing that, it possibly means they’re acting passive and silent instead of peaceful and democratic. But when (or if, but hopefully more when’s!) inclusivity also becomes a base in that community, the peace could really be a relationship based on understanding and bonds instead of simply a path that the community members took together to avoid the potential ‘storm’ or ‘chaos’ of disagreements and fraction.

A lot of the inclusivity-lacking issues that gets in the way of peace being truly held on is how certain groups of people are banned from getting what they rightfully own. Certain ages and races banned from taking certain jobs in certain regions, people of certain ethnic banned from increasing and growing in their educational environments, even governmental work environments too.

Of course these kinds of problems breeds problem after problem. For example, in choosing a direction for a group and building the best vehicle to reach it. Let’s say in governmental circle, we’re aware that government membership still needs work, because governmental organizations aren’t the most open organizations when it comes to realizing that everyone is important and needed, like minority group in a region are needed as much as the majority of that same region. Because of these ways of viewing and treating people that are still existing even to this day, the true peace that everyone search for can’t be true enough.

Not welcoming certain comers to our grounds might be motivated by our thought saying ‘it’s for the best’, but is it really for the best?
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But guess what? When inclusivity is present in the way of peace, then the peace can be rightfully shared. When organizations are more inclusive, they will always walk forward with an endlessly fresh direction. Why? Because with a diverse group where the minors and majors get what they rightfully can have, the group will always have different, unique perspectives of solving problems and finding solutions, they will never stop running. Report documents from the Conciliation Resources concludes that experiences of minorities in Colombia and Nigeria to help identify ways to support the inclusion of gender and sexual minorities in peacebuilding. This is how peace should be built.

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Like peace needing inclusivity, so does the opposite. When peace is present in the way of inclusivity, a genuine relationship and strong bond can be rightfully forged. We can’t have inclusive acts motivated by reputation or how benefiting it would be if we ‘use’ certain group of people. Peace gives sincerity before we can start acting inclusive and accepting. Peace and inclusivity are like 2 wings on a bird’s body, there’s 2 of them, but they move together to create a synergy.

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