8 Ideas to Promote Fairness and Peace Nowadays


8 Ideas to Promote Fairness and Peace Nowadays


Fairness does not always mean that everyone can achieve everything what they want. It means everyone in the club has the same chance in order to get advantage.

The word “Fair” does not mean “equal” , yet equal chance for equal advantages is the meaning point.


It is a way of acting and thinking which promotes the solutions of nonviolent in daily life problems and thereby commits to a civil community.


  • Advance to an end of the poverty violence
  • Raise standards for the children protection and basic health care
  • Help personal fulfillment for employment and education chances


  • Geopolitical intransigence and invasion

As global powers and regional powers support agents to launch wars overseas, fierce competition between them has made conflicts protracted. 

  • Relabeling conflicts as counter-terror attempt

This trend has led to the neglect of factors and actors driving conflict and the erosion of the space needed for peacebuilding. We have seen this happen in high-profile cases such as Syria, but also in Egypt, Turkey and other places.

  • Military intervention legacies and regime switch

Intervention measures designed to counter terrorism, save civilians, or eliminate rogue regimes, just in case military intervention and regime change fail to bring lasting stability or defeat fundamentalist groups.

  • The fear of forced displacement

As desperate people flee the conflict zone, the impact of forced displacement is hitting neighboring countries hardest, and they are doing everything they can to deal with it. At the same time, Western governments are rushing to reach an agreement to support border and security forces of transit countries to close their borders and rule out the problem.

Ways to Promote Fairness and Peace

  • Deal with diversity

Go to race-focused communities, communities, and events to better understand multiculturalism. Make friends with people of different races, ethnicities, religions or ages, explore your prejudices and better understand the fairness issues that affect them.

  • Maintain local community

There are many groups fighting for fairness and basic human rights for all people. Find the people whose information resonates most with you, and learn how you can support their activities.

  • Do volunteer

Your local shelter needs you. Freeing up some time to help those in need will help the organization’s efforts to respond to help needs-not to mention, give you a new understanding of everything you have and continue to empower you to do more.

  • Spread the information

Actively disseminate empowerment messages, whether through word of mouth with friends and family, through your online network and email, or simply through conversations with colleagues at work.

  • Listen more

Before you go out with a loudspeaker to spread the message, remember to always be polite and be willing to listen to the thoughts and feelings of others. Although you may not agree on everything, debating the fairness issues will make you feel strongly about in a calm and non-aggressive manner may open your eyes and be validated for both them and you.

  • Know your own needs to nourish your energy for peace

Get information about successful fairness and peace initiatives. Look for role models to inspire you and other like-minded people to seek support.

  • Beware with with the channels that are used to support conflict

Other people’s lives may be devalued by public rhetoric and media reports, which will reduce their moral concern for them. Please note that public beliefs may be shaped to condone violence against another group and to engage in aggression within a morally positive framework.

  • Seek for harmonious and human understandings in your own everyday life

Understand and use constructive methods to manage disagreements and resolve conflicts. Practice forgiveness and good faith behavior.

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