Gender Equality for Reduced Inequality in Indonesia 2021

Gender Equality for Reduced Inequality in Indonesia 2021

Reduced inequality is one of the goals in Sustainable Development Goals or known as SDGs. Based on, this is the 10th of SDGs that aimed to reduce inequalities based on opportunity, class, race, sexual orientation, and the others. Besides, another aim is for reducing the social inequality context to make sure that there is no one who is left behind. If the inequality occurred then the other sector might also experience obstacles since humans as social creatures cannot live without each other, they linked one to another.

However, in Indonesia in today’s situation, gender inequality is getting better for the reduced inequality. A long time ago, between men and women, there is a different level for many sectors and fields. Then, what is the difference between years ago with today in 2021? Let’s have a look at this explanation below!

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Campaign fro gender equality

Indonesian women experienced a lag in education compared to men.  Most of the women were only completing their secondary education, whilst most of the men were having higher education. This happened due to the gap in either in geography or gender itself. Even, this reached a higher rate rather than Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The urban areas where the women lived were actually had a higher number rather than the women who lived in rural areas. Besides, it demonstrated that higher education and other academic endeavours place women in a more complicated and difficult condition rather than male peers.

However, in today’s situation, gender equality gradually appears since encouraged by many factors such as government’s regulation, technology., and current developments. Most of the women are experiencing education until the bachelor degree and it is more or less the same as what men do. Furthermore, the spread of proper education is gradually appearing.

Work Field

Women take an important role

Gender inequality in the workplace ought to be avoided, so that, reduced inequality can be achieved around the world, including in Indonesia. However, achieving this aim will take and need more time. In building a healthy work culture for all companies, men and women must play an active and participating role. gender Inequality should be erased and gender equality in the workplace is one type of equal opportunity implementation, in which every individual has the same opportunities and employment chances, careers, self-development, and treatment regardless of race, religion, class, and even gender.

Nowadays, in Indonesia, many women take an important role and occupy higher positions as well as functions. It shows that reduced inequality is successful in fighting gender inequality.


Gender equality in facility

The developed technology transformation, as well as the digital infrastructure that supports it, necessitates promoting equal access to the digital service and enabling chances to learn new skills for men and women. Furthermore, there is also a need to address digital hazards such as women’s vulnerability to cyberbullying, sexual harassment, and other types of gender violence against women facilitated by online services.

Women are also more likely to utilize and contribute to social infrastructure building facilities including education, childcare, health, park areas, leisure centres, and other services. This is because of women’s traditional roles as caregivers for children and the elderly. As a result, these services including the placement, designs, and frequency ought to be considered through the prism of gender to realize the reduced gender in gender inequality.

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