The Sweet-Sounding, Supportive Collaboration Between TikTok And Worldwide DJs

The Sweet-Sounding, Supportive Collaboration Between TikTok And Worldwide DJs

Looks like DJs and TikTok are having a love affair, a good one I assure you. DJ TikToks? Really? Sounds fun. You best believe that it’s a fun way for DJs (especially those who are walking on the early steps of their career) to increase awareness for their music and work. It is a smart way to gather awareness, and a relevant way for nowadays since TikTok is proven to be a highly influential ‘sound-spreader’.

TikTok isn’t just proven to be a formidable social media platform, but an attractive ‘explosion’ platform. Look at how Olivia Rodrigo went from debuting artist in 2020 to the artist whose debut album reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart for five weeks in 2021, all with partial help from the exploding popularity of her songs ‘Good 4 U’ and ‘Driver’s License’ on TikTok (I swear I hear those two songs at least once every time my brother opens his TikTok).

TikTok Videos That Uses Olivia Rodrigo’s Single ‘Good 4 U’
Source: YouTube

Those kinds of phenomena could happen thanks to TikTok’s interesting algorithm. TikTok’s algorithm is basically a guarantee for one’s content to blow up if it gets viewed, whenever content gets viewed, the algorithm would lead millions after millions of users to watch that content on their TikTok homepage. After the algorithm attracts views, it attracts followers for the content creators. That’s how several disc jockeys (AKA DJs) gain attention big time, even though they’ve never attracted a big amount of followers before.

A feature on MixMag by Niamh Ingram showed that a lot of emerging DJs from around the world have found a new form of opportunity through TikTok. DJ Dougie Fresh from Birmingham, England, admits that he wasn’t exactly sure of the ‘playing around TikTok’ idea. DJ Dougie Fresh was nervous to put out his stuff on TikTok since he thought the platform was a rather comical online platform, so he did it for fun since he (and most of us during lockdown) got nothing much but time.

The results that DJ Dougie Fresh got from TikTok weren’t much, at the time. He posted ten videos and they got ‘no views’, until one day, everything exploded (again, in a good way). Dougie’s content made it to the funky house top 7 mix. From that point, many people start resonating with his content, and many clicks the ‘follow’ button on Dougie’s profile.

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DJ Dougie Fresh is just one of the examples of DJs who become super popular on TikTok. While Dougie attracts attention through his DJ and music content, some DJs attract popularity from their content that isn’t actually DJ or music-related. Like DJMANNY for example, whose contents are admittedly authentic without ‘learning’ from fellow viral DJs. After her content went viral and her follower count exploded, DJMANNY decided to keep creating content that she personally likes, content that is always her without having to copy others to seem pleasing for her followers and potential audience.


Fan girl level at it’s highest🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #comedy #trending #dextadaps #dancehall #dj #fy #viral #fyp

♬ original sound – JAKE RYAN
DJMANNY’s Authentic, Daily Life TikTok Content
Source: TikTok

Although those TikTok DJs received side deals from their increasing popularity in the past year, their journeys on the online world haven’t really affect real-life endeavors. Unfortunately, as TikTok DJs are starting to rise up, so is a stigma around them. According to Amy, whose video went viral a year ago, TikTok DJs are often underestimated and seen as the kind of DJs that are ‘lesser’ than professional, real-life DJs because their popularity rose from TikTok which also still gathers stigma around itself.

However, Amy does believe that stigmas around TikTok (and around TikTok DJs that come around) are slowly vanishing away since many people start to realize how great TikTok is as an online tool thanks to its diverse contents and personalized display style. We all could predict (and hope) that the stigmas are going away soon with real-life impacts coming after the popular DJs, because as good as a match TikTok and DJs are, I believe their ‘relationship’ is just getting started.

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