On The Way to Free People from Cyberbullying, How is Indonesia Doing in 2021?

On The Way to Free People from Cyberbullying, How is Indonesia Doing in 2021?

It is known that cyberbullying is still a hot topic arise from across the world. Now that this world has no boundaries, there seems to be no clear line as to where people should not cross it. This phenomenon is being supported by the development of technology which affecting people’s behavior and way of thinking. They started to think that words coming from other sources are more dependable and believable. How strange.

What is Cyberbullying?

Taken from dslalawfirm.com, from the psychological side, this action is considered one of the bullying act. From the law side, it is a crime which is done on purpose in the form of slander, mockery, insult, abuse, and threat. This crime started from insulting a specific person on the cyberspace to bother that person.

Cyberbullying happened because of the fast-development of technology

This kind of crime could happen in social media, chatting platform, and gaming platform. This crime is a repeated act intended for scaring, making angry, or embarrassing the targeted person or people. For example:

  1. Spreading rumor or lies in the form of embarrassing photos of someone in social media
  2. Sending hate comments in social media
  3. Pretending to be other people in order to send messages with malicious intent to the target
  4. Trolling people in a discussion forum
  5. Creating a group chat to spread hate to someone
  6. Forcing children to send sensual photos or to join sexual conversation
Social media as the common source of cyberbullying

Types of Cyberbullying in Indonesia

  1. Flaming

Flaming is the act of sending a frontal and full of hatred text/messages. This includes provocation, insult, mockery to offend other people which normally happens in online community such as forum, group chat, or thread in social media.

  1. Harassment

Harassment is the act of sending messages containing disturbance continuously. The perpetrator usually wrote comments to cause restlessness towards the victim. Incitements are mostly included in the messages to stir up others’ perspective of that person.

Spreading hate in group chat is considered as cyberbullying
  1. Denigration

This is the act of defamation towards the victim intentionally to ruin someone’s reputation.

One of the act of cyberbullying
  1. Cyber stalking

The act of spying, bothering, and ruining someone’s reputation ceaselessly. This could lead to the victim being depressed.

Stalking that is done in digital platform is also considered as cyberbullying
  1. Impersonation

Pretending or impersonating other people to send malicious texts. This often happened in social media such as Instagram and twitter where people would create a fake account to spread hate.

  1. Outing and Trickery

Outing is the act of spreading other’s secret such as past photos and causing big embarrassment or even depression. Trickery is a deception which is done with coaxing other people to get a secret or any other from the victim. Usually, trickery perpetrator is the one doing the outing.

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Cyberbullying in Indonesia: The Role of UU ITE

In Indonesia, there are many people who degrade others especially in social media through comments. So many hate comments, yet so little action taken into law. Indonesia has so many case related to this crime which is in line with the fast-flow of information. According to data from Polda Metro Jaya, there are for about 25 cases cyberbullying being reported everyday.

Unfortunately, the rule of law about cyberbullying is still weak, so it can’t be effectively used in the court. Even though this crime could cause critical damage for the victim, still, justice couldn’t be done completely with this kind of law.

The government tried to fill the law about it with including the source of cyberbullying in the revision of UU ITE. But those chapter is still restricted as it only interpret cyberbullying as “threats of violence” or “personal threatening” even though cyberbullying has many types and ways in doing it. So, the law to fight this crime is still weak in Indonesia.

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