Comuniti: 7 Most Outstanding Articles Within November

Comuniti, 7 outstanding articles

Comuniti: 7 Most Outstanding Articles Within November

Sustainable Development Goals

Comuniti, is an organization actively following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals in the republic of Indonesia as well as around the globe and provides many articles that talk about SDGs. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global action plan agreed by world leaders, including Indonesia. The SDGs contain 17 Goals and 169 Targets that are expected to be achieved by 2030. 

The 17 goals namely, (1) No Poverty, (2) Zero Hunger, (3) Good Health and Well being, (4) Quality Education, (5) Gender Equality, (6) Clean Water and Sanitation, (7) Affordable and Clean Energy, (8) Decent Work and Economic Growth, (9) Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, (10) Reduced Inequalities, (11) Sustainable Cities and Communities, (12) Responsible Consumption and Production, (13) Climate Action, (14) Life Below Water, (15) Life on land, (16) Peace, Justice, and Strong Institution, (17) Partnerships for the Goals.

Those 17 goals were written in the form of a article by many authors. Below are 5 most outstanding articles in October. Curious what is the articles about and who are the author? Let’s check it out now and read the full article in the link that will provided below.

Can We Get Over Insecurity Forever Or Does It Stay With Us Forever? – By Christofel Lukas

Whenever I hear my parents doubting themselves through the questions they asked me, or my best friend acting like the usual apologetic, self-deprecatory she is, I could sense the insecurity behind their voices. How am I capable of sensing it? Well, because I have some insecurities inside. Behind my whole over-the-top, smiley-face personality set I have, hidden some insecurities which I didn’t even realize were insecurities in the first place. But it actually feels very liberating and free once you realized that these ‘disturbances’ you’re having are actually insecurities.

Thankfully, a lot of people have been helping me realize and acknowledge the insecurities I have so I can work on them better, and because of that, I can also spread the helps I could to my loved ones around me. But what sometimes bugs me is how realizing that we have insecurity(ies) could take a long time, and I see a lot of people around me who haven’t even realized the insecurities, deeply rooted inside themselves. Those insecurities destruct their confidence and…..

Finland, the 6th Country with the Best Education Quality in the World. What are Their Secrets? – By Adrianus Theo

Finland, the country with the sixth best education system and achievement in the world, is currently based on data from PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) 2018. Although some universities in Finland are still less well-known than universities in the UK and the United States, the overall education system in Finland, the country with  6 million people is still considered the best.

Of course, it is not without reason that Finland can be a country with the best education system in the world. One thing that stands out the most from this country, is that it is given the freedom of the ranks of educators to formulate curriculum and determine teaching, learning methods, and materials. This success has even attracted around 100 delegates from 40-45 countries around the world to visit the Finnish Ministry of Education during the 2005-2011 period and learn about the key to the success of the country’s education system.

Curious about how the country’s education system has become the top 10 countries with the best quality education in the world? Check out the article below so you don’t miss any useful information!

600.000 Bottles Plastic Waste Can Build A House As A New Infrastructure References? – By Aulifia Salsha

Nowadays, bottle plastic waste is overwhelmed all over the place, we can find it everywhere and every time. This leads to the spread of waste that is unusable and has the possibility to damage the environment in both lands as well as the ocean. However, as time goes by, people are trying to solve this problem.  Bottle plastic waste can be implemented into many products. To give you an idea, this waste is able and strong enough to build a house. Let’s take a look at this elaboration!

Belief in Justice Weakens When Money Can Buy Everything (With 2 POV : The Poor and the Rich) – by Nina Asri

The law is there for justice and to regulate community activities so that the environment will be safe, orderly and fair. Humans need laws and regulations so that they are not arbitrary in life. Human nature that always wants to be in power can pose a threat to other humans. Because of that nature, humans can exploit everything. Therefore, a law was created to regulate the space for human movement so as not to endanger other humans.

Indonesia is a legal state that regulates its people based on the 1945 Constitution of The Republic of Indonesia. This is stated in Article 1 Section 3 of the Constitution. However, there are still many who question the enforcement of legal justice in Indonesia. Indonesia has a stigma that the law is stricter for the lower classes than for officials and people who have money. Is the stigma true? This article will show the reality of justice in Indonesia from various case studies. Take a good look!

Interesting Facts About Malnutrition and The Best Solution to Avoid It! – By Audrey Kareninna

Malnutrition indicates to deficiencies, excesses, or imbalance in a person’s intake of energy and/ or nutrients. There are 3 wide groups based on the term of malnutrition conditions:

  • Undernutrition which consist of wasting (low weight-for-height), stunting (low height-for age), and underweight (low weight-for-age)
  • Micronutrient which conclude the imperfection of micronutrient or surplus
  • Overweight which consist of obesity and diet-related incommunicable diseases such as diabetes, stroke, cancers, and heart disease.

There are 4 broad subtypes of malnutrition: weight loss, stunted growth, underweight, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Malnutrition makes children particularly vulnerable to disease and death.

Low weight for height is called wasting. It usually indicates a recent severe weight loss because a person did not have enough food to eat and/or they had an infectious disease, such as…..

Waste Recycling is Crucial, These are The 6 Best Countries for Recycling Waste – By Bima Kevianno

Waste could be a complicated issue that must be experienced by all countries within the world. Not as it were in poor and developing countries, but also a problem that has caught the attention of developed countries. Therefore, one way to overcome the problem of waste within the world is waste recycling. Nearly everything we see around us can be recycled, in spite of the fact that distinctive materials require distinctive procedures when they are recycled. Most of the commonly recyclable materials include batteries, biodegradable squander, clothing, hardware, pieces of clothing, glass, metals, paper, plastics, and many more.

According to, In fact, most materials have great recycling value. It is estimated that up to 75% of all the waste can be recycled or repurposed, a figure that shows how impactful the process can be if done right. And also referring to, figures from the UN stated that 11.2 billion tons of solid waste is produced on Earth every year, with this contributing to about 5% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

Waste recycling is the method of isolating, collecting, and remanufacturing or changing over utilized or waste items into new materials. Waste recycling makes a difference expanding the life and value of something that has as of now served its initial reason by returning it to its raw materials and after that utilizing those materials to create something that is usable. It’s part of the three rules of sustainability (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) and contains a lot of benefits both to people and the environment.

Even so, a few countries are currently implementing waste recycling processing systems to overcome this one issue. Regarding waste recycling, not all countries have succeeded in doing so. However, there are at least 6 countries that are considered the best countries in terms of waste recycling.

COP26 Glasgow: How They Commit for Save The Earth? – By Maurin Astriviany

For nearly three decades the UN has been bringing together almost every country on earth for global climate summits called COPs, which stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’. In that time climate change has gone from being a fringe issue to a global priority.

COP26 is the next annual UN climate change conference. The summit attended by the countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – a treaty that came into force in 1994.

This is the 26th COP (COP26) summit and hosted in partnership between the….

Okey, that’s all the 7 most outstanding articles in November that published in Comuniti website, is there any article/s that you interested in? Hope that the article/s can give useful information that you need and don’t forget to visit Comuniti in order to read the other articles that updated every day with many categories, such as social, health, culture, gender, many more. See ya!

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