Achieving Safe and Convenient City for Society With These 6 Ways

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Achieving Safe and Convenient City for Society With These 6 Ways

Living in safe city is everyone’s dream, is not it?

How We Define City as “Safe City”

Safe city is a community concept that uses technology to assist governments, communities, and also business to decrease the chance of crime and support cozy surroundings in order to make people feel comfortable and safe.

Ways to Achieve Safe City

  • Use data to catch the problem areas

The government of the cities may use data analysis to predict key street where all the solutions can be incorporated. By having good traffic crash data can be analyzed, viewed by using the PTV Visum Safety software to plan heat maps of crash locations.

  • Provide safe access to better quality public transportations

Better quality public transportation brings more people and endures lower crashes than private transportation. Study shows that a BRT ( Bus Rapid Transit ) system may decrease traffic deaths and serious injuries up to 50 percent.

  • Secure safe main streets for everyone

It is important to secure safety for main roads where most of the times motorists and pedestrians are associated. A developing movement for “complete streets” indicates all type of road users should have safe crossings and road space.

  • Make space for pedestrians

About more than 270,000 pedestrians on the world’s roads lose their lives every year. Pedestrians are disclosed to bigger risks if they lack quality space. This is the reason why basic sidewalk is important.

  • Reduce road traffic

By reducing automobile spice specifically below 25-31 miles per hour can extremely lower fatalities chance. Cities can enforce low-speed zones including pedestrian crossings, curves in the road named chicanes, and curb extensions. Studies show that speed humps help to lower vehicle speeds from more than 22 mph to fewer than 15 mph. As an example, Paris, has been applying this kind of tool to form roads citywide to hit 19 mph speed bar.

  • Prevent urban sprawl

Connected and compact cities are generally safer than cities scattered over large areas. The compact Stockholm and Tokyo have the lowest traffic fatalities in the world-less than 1.5 deaths per 100,000 residents. On the other hand, the death rate of the huge Atlanta is six times higher, with 9 deaths per 100,000 residents.

Cities should target smaller blocks, pedestrian-oriented streets, and dense housing for easy, walkable access to transportation, entertainment, and public spaces. This can reduce the need for car travel and ensure a safe space for walking and biking.

The Safest City of The World

The safest cities of the world already revealed by The Economist Intelligence Unit, an annual ranking of about 60 international destinations on digital security, health security, personal security. For this year they have a new category: environmental security.

This year, Copenhagen became the number one safest city in the world. Close behind is Toronto. Copenhagen scored 82.4 points for a total of 100 points. Toronto got 82.2.

The mayor of Copenhagen, Las Weis, pointed out in the report: “A key factor that makes Copenhagen such a safe city is its low crime rate, which is currently at the lowest level in more than a decade.”

“Another feature of Copenhagen is its strong social cohesion and relatively small gap between rich and poor. It is a mixed city, where cleaning assistants and CEOs meet at the local supermarket, and the children are in the same school. This is one of them. The cornerstone of Danish culture, It greatly promotes the high level of trust and safety that we benefit from. Copenhagen is definitely a worthy overall leader, and Toronto is a well-deserved runner-up, but it is also important because in enabling residents to gain from any specific improvement in the past two years safety,”

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