The Urgency of Volunteering during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Urgency of Volunteering during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Volunteering is work without being paid about what someone has done and they offer themselves to do the jobs or tasks because of their wants without being forced to do it. Let’s get to know further about volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic below!

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Two healthcare workers hug and support each other.

This action is alarmingly needed since the overwhelming spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Health workers and medical personnel are in limited numbers to do the caring of the patients since the number of patients is still increasing gradually.

Besides, there was also another variant of the COVID-19 virus that came to Indonesia that is the infectious Delta variant. The daily cases are still increasing today and even Indonesia has experienced being the centre of Asia’s outbreak. Up to 70 thousand people have been infected and ended up in death since the pandemic came to Indonesia.

As the situation has gotten worse, an increasing number of volunteering groups have been formed to cover the gaps in the government’s approach. They provide accommodations to those who don’t have enough space to separate themselves, and the accordance with the regulation that help find respirators, create tombs and even collect the deceased.

Most of the volunteers are equipped with strict and tense guidelines and protocols to avoid the diffusion of the virus. People who do volunteering must have hand gloves, double face masks, particular clothes, a face shield as well as boots. That equipment ought to be categorized as in PPE or known as Personal Protective Equipment.

Based on, the government and the related organizations that have similar fields or sectors encouraged people to do volunteer in providing several health care equipment and securing the virus. Last year, in May 2020 exactly, up to 30 thousand people wanted to join the volunteering action including 7 thousand medical and health workers.

There are several organizations that concerned with volunteering action such as the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), Sekolah Relawan, Pujiono Center, Indorelawan, Indonesian Humanitarian Forum (HFI), Amil Zakat National Agency (BAZNAS), The Association of Indonesia Philanthropy (FI), Forum Zakat (FOZ), and Alumni SMA Jakarta Bersatu (ASIB).


Illustration of volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic

The activity during the volunteering program in the pandemic was divided into three parts. Firstly, urging volunteers in the healthcare system or who contact directly with the society to wear PPE that meets the administrative organization’s requirements. The next was about the collection of voluntary security and protection procedures and recommendations and the third was collaboration and alliances, encouraging and facilitating the supply of welfare and social protection through multi-party.

The expert panel promotes the impact of social safety for volunteers through recruitment, teaching, and marketing. They were also collaborating with a wide range of financial providers to offer a variety of volunteer-friendly insurance coverage. The expert panel will encourage and facilitate the development of support from the public and collaborations with the business sector for organizations that do not have the resources to offer social security for their volunteers.

Volunteering action during the pandemic is highly recommended since it helps others a lot. As human beings, it encourages us to help others who are in need. As we should remember about what Todo Stocker said, helping others is the secret sauce to a happy life.

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