The Importance of Parental Support for Children’s Dreams


The Importance of Parental Support for Children’s Dreams

Every child has a dream , because indeed outwardly children have different abilities. Of course they also have different dreams. Therefore the role of parents is very important for accompanying children. They need to support the abilities of their respective children.

Many children are less successful because of lack of parental support and many children become stressed because their dreams are challenged by their parents. But there are also many children who are determined to continue their dreams according to their abilities. And even the child can successfully achieve it. That way the child can prove to his parents how cool the talent he has.

Child Psychologist, Ine Indriani Aditya, M.Psi explained that parents need to support child’s dream because every human being including children created into the world has their respective functions. No human is the same, including twins though. “Each person is very limited edition, ” she said.

The main factor children can grow into optimal individuals and actualize in adulthood and do everything according to their potential and interests, namely parents who can support the dreams of each child. There are still many parents
who are more focused on children’s weaknesses and how to handle them, compared to finding and developing what are the strengths of children.

Parents are the primary and first educators for their children, because it is from them that the children first receive education. The first form of education is found in family life. Parents are said to be the first educators because it is from them that the child gets an education for the first time and is said to be the main educator because education from parents becomes the basis of children’s development and life in the future. Therefore, children’s success in learning cannot be separated from the participation and support of parents.

Loving and caring parents who allow failure, in fact, eventually have children who tend to choose success. Therefore, as parents must be able to help and support all the efforts made by their children and can provide informal education to-help the growth and development of the child and to attend or continue education in formal education programs in schools.

Parents need to give encouragement to a child, because encouragement from parents will encourage children to achieve success and success. Successful achievers have deep-rooted and rooted values ​​that make a child productive, affectionate and caring person. These values ​​will then allow a child to take risks and learn, test and realize their full abilities.

By giving the best effort, a child will get enormous satisfaction and fulfillment, whether successful or failed. The culmination of this process will make successors understand what makes children happiest, help children find life’s
passion, and encourage children to pursue their dreams as much as possible.

Positive encouragement will motivate a child to act. This will help growth in children. Positive encouragement will urge a child to get out of the zone comfort, explore and take risks. This will also foster the achievement and success of a child.


Journal of Social Sciences Research and Education (JPPI) Volume 10 No. 1 (2016) 76-89

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