Sustainable Consumption during COVID-19

Sustainable Consumption during COVID-19

Many of the Sustainable Development Goals or known as SDG are decreasing progress during the COVID-19 pandemic. One example is sustainable consumption. As a result, the United Nations has made plans to erase the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by examining the counterproductive of particular Sustainable Development Goals in the post-pandemic. Let’s take a short look!

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Displacement in Consuming and Supplying Chain

Consumption behaviour during COVID-19

Related to sustainable consumption, there is an effect during this pandemic in household consumption patterns. This leads to energy demand and supply chain infrastructure. Many backgrounds encourage the changing consumption patterns such as panic buying at almost entire supermarkets, avoiding unnecessary luxury goods, the continuing of online shopping, and lead the strong desire for consuming many goods.

Besides, the flight for international destinations also encourages the threat of many airlines. These new consumption patterns adhere in almost entire countries all over the world, as a result, millions of householders lose their jobs and world economies become unstable. There have been unprecedented changes in the COVID-19 pandemic such as the increasing demand for health-related products causing enormous items that are out-of-stock. The food industries experienced the same phenomenon. In fact, many goods and supplies are in the price elevation, the drawback of supplies, and logistics issues. However, the challenge will still appear in supplying chains and ought to be immediately concerned.

SDG 12 and Chain Sustainability

Many factors that encourage people to do consumption

During the crisis, the changing behaviour of consuming habits frequently does damage. Although the pandemic is still going through, the importance of sustainability ought to be considered. This encourages industries to continue operations as soon as possible in order to face the unexpected event of the pandemic.

However, not a bit of the industry is still fighting the unexpected occurrences by correcting their systems to face the high demand of goods that affect human consumption behaviour. If the pandemic ends, the consumers’ behaviour probably will also end or change differently. This is such a difficult prediction to recognize the next behaviour.

This phenomenon might lead people to choose crossroads to a different future. High level of uncertainty and different choices that guide into a sharper focus. Yet this should be concerned as well about the advantages during the COVID-19 pandemic is still considerable or just has a contrary effect instead. Thus, one question might appear, how long does this effect remain in our surroundings? Then, scientists and the government have to do quick phases in order to implement the new supply chain of sustainability.

It does not rule out the possibility for people across the world to keep doing online shopping as a result of consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic. This might be happening due to the advancement of technology along with the habit that has been formed. Indeed, many industries remain the new habit of consumption due to the urge for sustainability such as in transportation, health-related industries, public facilities, and others.

As we know above, there is an imbalance in several sectors. The high frequency of purchasing beauty care, clothing, books, and Tv programs. On the other hand, the decreased frequency also happened in public transport and public services. This illustrates that the unprecedented experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic thrive in achieving the sustainability of the Sustainable Development Goals or SDG.

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This sustainable chain consumption is important since avoiding the next or future generations will not do the same and have the ability in balancing such cases. As we should know what Kofi Annan said, “our biggest challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstract – sustainable development – and turn it into a reality for all the world’s people”.

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