Beware With These 5 Signs Of Trust Issues and How to Get Rid Of Them

trust issues

Beware With These 5 Signs Of Trust Issues and How to Get Rid Of Them

Trust issues are indicated by fear of betrayal, abandonment and manipulation. Many of us have these feelings-do we have trouble trusting our boyfriends and girlfriends, or our parents, or even our doctors. These usually stem from a somewhat traumatic event: in the first case, the woman’s husband cheated on her in the past, and now she is naturally paranoid; in the second case, the boy’s father left when he was very young And never came back-he does not take any of his mother’s suitors seriously now; and in the third case, the 18-year-old mother was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and died soon after- This young woman is now very cautious about the doctor’s expertise and evaluation.

Maybe you have a similar or similar painful experience, but you are not sure whether it will definitely cause trust problems. These following signs indicate that you have trust issues:

2. Escape from commitment. In accordance with licensed psychologist Nicole Beurkens, PH.D, people with trust issues frequently have difficulty with commitment. This shows as a result of fear of opening up and being noticed with others. One of therapist named Michael Moran, LCSW,CST says, since you struggle with trust issues, the chance of trusting and accomplishing any kind of relationship can come out of the question.

2. Cut off yourself from society. Moran said that because of hypothesis and commitment phobia, many people with trust issues will withdraw when they encounter the smallest signs of trouble. Once you realize that you can’t trust others, cultivating new relationships is no longer a priority—perhaps something to avoid altogether.

3. React over anything overprotective. The feeling of overprotective generally might be caused by trust issues. Sometimes you will always be on defense and fantasize the worst scenarios of your relationship, or could be the thought of someone might be do something bad behind you.

4. Experience the difficulty to open up. Trust issues can really make people face the difficulty to open up to others. This feeling might affect you to feel that you have no value and will be rejected in society.

5. Expect someone might be does harms on you. According to Moran and Beurkens, folks with trust issues also have the assumption that people are intentionally do something to hurt them. It is hard for people with trust issues to receive any kind of love, compliments, and gestures in general since you just cannot easily believe of their motives whether if they are genuine or not.  

How To Get Rid of Trust Issues?

If your trust issues are the main obstacles in your life, or you just want to get rid of them, then it may be time to re-examine the importance and meaning of trust. Please follow the steps below to resolve the trust issue:

  • Try to face the risk. When it comes to risk, people with trust issues might be feel uncomfortable at first but they have to try to face it. According to Beurkens, “Everyone makes mistakes and everyone will let you down at some point. It does not mean those people cannot be trusted at all. Try to recognize even if you are getting hurt by someone, you can feel that deeply but still move forward and have other healthy relationship in your life.”
  • Enjoy the process of how trust works.  That is totally okay to give some times for people to earn the trust before you deciding to rely on them since trust cannot easily give to others.
  • Ask for professional help. If you still can get rid of your trust issues alone, it might be a sign that you should ask for help to professional which competence with this trust issues.

Hopefully these signs and tips will help you to be more aware with your mental health and soon can get rid of them.

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