7 Shocking Evidences About Being A Night Owl Person

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7 Shocking Evidences About Being A Night Owl Person

A night owl is someone who likes staying awake and often more productive during late at night. Someone who called as night owl person also prefer to get sleep later in the morning rather than early bird or morning person.

What makes someone’s becoming a night owl person?

We all have an internal clock that can help control many aspects of our lives, including our sleep/wake cycle. This clock mainly runs in sync with the ambient light, which is why we are most sleepy outside in the dark and most alert during the day.

However, your internal clock is also affected by some other clues-compared to other people’s internal clocks, this may cause some very significant changes in the rhythm of your internal clock.
If you are a night owl, certain behaviors, such as eating dinner frequently or exposing yourself to bright non-ambient light at night, may help train your internal clock to be later than normal. However, being a night owl may be only in your genes.

A recent study actually showed that “genetic changes in the CRY1 gene are common in people with delayed sleep stage disorder or DSPD. People with delayed sleep stage disorder have a backward internal clock,” explained Dr. Ayish.

Is it bad?

Although you may feel that you are living your best life at night, unfortunately, it has some disadvantages.

“Disrupting your sleep patterns can have a noticeable effect on your energy levels during the day, but it can also have hidden effects on your overall health. For example, sleep disorders can increase your stress levels and cause irregular heartbeats,” Ayish The doctor warned.

In fact, a 2018 study analyzed the relationship between the sleeping habits and health of nearly half a million adults and found that night owls have a higher risk of diabetes than those who wake up early.

These sleep disorders can also have other consequences. Night owls with delayed sleep stage disorders may also suffer from insomnia and morning drowsiness, both of which can lead to lack of sleep-ultimately leading to emotional problems, inattention, increased pain and even hallucinations in some extreme cases.

“Being a night owl has a more obvious disadvantage: it may conflict with your family life or professional responsibilities,” said Dr. Ayish. “Studies have shown that night owls have worse attention, slower reaction times, and are sleepier throughout the day. Although this is only a problem for people who work during the day, it can also affect any morning childcare obligations you may have.”

But this is not all bad news for night owls. “On the other hand, research has shown that night owls are better at creativity than early risers,” said Dr. Ayish. “In addition, night owls benefit from the development of non-traditional spirits and the ability to find alternative and original solutions.” Although this does not help the traditional nine-to-five work, many people think that being vigilant at night is beneficial.


  • Constantly have happy hour time

Night owls can and do say “yes” to night social life, because they know that once they get home, they still have a few hours to give birth before they need to sleep.

  • Apparently stronger

Studies have shown that night owls show increased excitability of the motor cortex and spinal cord in the middle of the night. This is another good reason to break the tradition again and exercise in the evening instead of in the morning.

  • Tend to be more calm

According to British researchers, early risers usually have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and these high levels persist throughout the day. For night owls, this is not the case. They do not receive the same level of cortisol injections in the morning and stay relatively calm throughout the day.

  • Be more creative person

Researchers at a university in Milan noticed the surge in creativity of this type of people and pointed out that they are more likely to come up with out-of-the-box solutions than early-rising birds.

  • Capable to adapt to a job with regular daytime hours

Most night owl jobs require them to go to work early in the morning. The good news is that compared with early risers, night owls are more likely to get up early and improve work efficiency.

  • Be more up to date

Early risers usually have a hard time spending their usual bedtime and staying up late. If the early bird catches the worm, night owls can enjoy the quiet and peaceful internet.

You have the opportunity to stay up to date with all the latest news and articles without having to do dozens of other updates at the same time, and you don’t need to check for other updates on a regular basis.

  • Probably have higher IQ

Researcher Satoshi Kanazawa found that children with high IQ tend to become nocturnal animals. They prefer to stay up late and cannot sleep 7 days a week. Another study by the University of Madrid found that night owls have higher comprehensive intelligence tests and even earn higher incomes than early birds.

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