SDG Target 3.5 Prevent and Treat Substance Abuse


SDG Target 3.5 Prevent and Treat Substance Abuse

Sustainable Development Goal 3 has set a target to prevent and treat substance abuse. For years, humans have been utilizing harmful substances and creating networks for drug trafficking. This has led to various negative impacts worldwide.

What is Substance Abuse?

The government considers drug trafficking and abuse to be a substantial nationwide issue since they can harm the nation’s morale. As a result, the government places a high priority on dealing with substance abuse. The problem of widespread substance abuse is becoming more prevalent in Indonesia. The ripple effect of drug abuse seems to have become more considerable in size, and approach to reduce drug abuse are difficult to enforce. Abusers are people who use drugs without permission or in violation of the law. When someone abuses drugs on a regular basis, that person develops a physical and psychological dependence on drugs.

Substance abuse is the clinical term for a pattern of substance use that induces severe challenges or hardship. For instance, missing work, detaching from reality or even traffic accidents. This condition is characterized by an intense desire to consume substances continuously at increasing doses to achieve the same effect, and when use is reduced and/or abruptly discontinued, it leads to distinct physical and psychological symptoms.

Drug abuse is caused by several interconnected factors, including Indonesia’s geographical location, economic factors, the ease of obtaining drugs, family and community factors, personality factors and the physical factor of the individual who abuses it.

Data and Current Statistics of Substance Abuse in Indonesia

  • With at least 72 international networks operating in the country, Indonesia is considered an easy and convenient target for drug dealers.
  • According to the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), there were 3.6 million substance abusera in 2019.
  • In 2020, the number of drug abusers rehabilitated reached 21,680 people, accompanied by 962 Social Workers and Addiction Counselors.
  • From 2015 to 2019, there were only 84,485 abusers who received further professional help.
  • It is estimated that 180 out of every 10 000 Indonesians aged 15 to 64 years are exposed to drugs. While the number reaches 1 to 10 in America.
  • National Narcotics Agency mentioned that in Indonesia, 37 to 40 people passed away daily due to substance abuse.
  • In Indonesia, the most widely used type of drug is methamphetamine, followed by marijuana, ecstasy, and heroin.

Methods to prevent and treat Substance Abuse

All members of society must understand the importance of methods to prevent and treat substance abuse. Whether it’s for children, teenagers, or adults. Especially in the adolescent age group, where drugs can have a negative impact. It is widely acknowledged that drugs pose a serious threat to humanity’s future. The following are ways to eradicate drug abuse:

1. Primary Prevention

This is done for people who are unfamiliar with drugs as well as community components that have the potential to prevent drug abuse. Among the activities carried out as part of this prevention effort are drug-addiction counselling, information about the dangers of drugs through various media, drug education and awareness of the dangers of drugs.

2. Secondary Prevention

This type of prevention is conducted out for people who are attempting to abuse drugs as well as community components that have the potential to help stop drug abuse. Among the activities carried out as part of this prevention effort are: Early detection of drug-abusing children, guidance and social counselling via home visits

3. Tertiary Prevention

These preventative measures are brought out for people who are actively using drugs, as well as for people who have been/were drug users, including for community components that have the potential to help stop drug abuse and help former drug victims avoid relapse. Activities carried out in this prevention effort include Counseling and social guidance to users and their families, as well as environmental groups and providing a welcoming environment for former users so that they are not enticed to relapse as drug users.

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