Longevity Population in Ikaria, Greece, Life Span Until 90 Years. Tips and Tricks to be Healthy!

Longevity population in Ikaria

Longevity Population in Ikaria, Greece, Life Span Until 90 Years. Tips and Tricks to be Healthy!

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Longevity and good health is the desire of almost everyone in life, let alone lived together until death with loved ones. Because longevity without having a healthy body is something that can be said to be in vain. Although we cannot predict a person’s age, there are some secrets that can be done to achieve longevity.

This can be seen from the population of one of the islands in Greece, namely Ikaria. Where a third of the population on this island is over 90 years old. It is also a common thing when we visit this Island to see many resident with white hair and wrinkled skin but have a healthy body that still doing their daily work.

What is the secret of the resident on the island to be still productive in old age? Do they eat special foods? Or are there any mandatory activities that they do in order to have a healthy body? In order not to be curious about the secret of longevity in the style of the people of Ikaria, consider the following article. However, before we go to the main discussion, let’s take a look at some additional information that is no less important below first.

Ikaria, Greece

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Icaria is an island in Greece. This island is located in the south. Precisely in the North Aegean region. This island has an area of ​​254.4 km². With a population of 8,312 (2001) and a population density of 33 people/km².

In 2003, author Dan Buettner collaborated with geneticists, dietitians, anthropologists, historians, and a team of other experts to travel the world to find people with the longest lifespan. From the results of his trip, he and his team managed to map five regions in the world whose inhabitants have a longer life than the world average. Dan and his team call the area the “Blue Zone“.

His findings were published in National Geographic magazine (2005) and written in the book The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest (2008). The five regions are Ikaria (Greece), Ogliastra (Sardinia Island, Italy), Okinawa (Japan), the Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica), and Loma Linda (California, United States).

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Longevity Definition

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The word “longevity” is usually used as a synonym for “life expectancy or life anticipation” in demography. However, the term longevity is usually meant to refer only to especially long-lived members of a population, whereas life anticipation is usually defined statistically because the average number of years remaining at a given age. For instance, a population’s life anticipation at birth is that the same because the average age at death for all people born within the same year (in the case of cohorts). Longevity is best thought of as a term for general audiences meaning ‘typical length of life’ and specific statistical definitions should be clarified when Necessary.

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Tips and Tricks for The longevity of Ikarian

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Healthy lifestyle by following a strict Mediterranean diet

Living a healthy lifestyle is key to Ikaria’s resident. Thanks to this lifestyle, they not only have a high life expectancy, but are also healthier than resident on other European islands. They are even far from cancer and heart disease, are physically active and can maintain a healthy sex life. There are several ways they can do to have this, namely

They diet by eating fruits, whole grains, nuts, olive oil, potatoes, and vegetables. The foodstuffs consumed there are wild grown and home grown which makes them contain 10 times more antioxidants than red wine.

They also eat a lot of potatoes as carbohydrates and goat’s milk, but reduce their consumption of sugar and meat. Residents there also often drink herbal tea and drink coffee at least once a day. Uniquely, the coffee is made not by brewing it, but by boiling it until it boils.

Live a relaxed and healthy life

There are no residents in this island who wear watches, because they are very relaxed in living life and don’t care about the time. Its location which is a remote island also makes them rarely visited by tourists and is not influenced by westernized ways.

The population of Ikaria Island themselves like to sleep late, wake up during the day, and they always take a nap in the afternoon. Smoking rates are also low, the pace of life is relatively slow because they always take the time to relax and hang out drinking wine in moderation. Their habit of napping in the afternoon is one of the factors that reduce the risk of heart disease.

Most of the old age residents of this island are known to not buy food because they produce it themselves. They deliberately do this because they do not have a high income and so that they have a healthy body by doing physical activities such as gardening, raising livestock, and farming. They also do activities they enjoy such as weaving, sailing, playing chess, fishing, and others. They do it because they are still able and want to enjoy life at this advanced age.

Having a supportive community

The last tips is the low level of stress due to having a supportive community. The community here is in the form of family ties and religious associations. Many elderly residents here have close relationships with their families, they unwind by playing with their grandchildren and communicating with their families. They also join religious associations to increase their faith and laugh with their peers. This makes them proud of the community they have and the closeness they have with each other.

That are the secrets of longevity in the style of the Ikaria people. So? Are you interested in following their lifestyle? Hopefully this article can add knowledge and be an inspiration for all of us to always live a healthy life at this young age. Because what we consume and do now is an investment for ourselves in the future.


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