Indonesian Children’s Education Threatened under the Pandemic COVID-19

Indonesian Children’s Education Threatened under the Pandemic COVID-19

Children’s education is threatened under the COVID-19 Pandemic. To prevent the transmission of the covid19 virus in schools, the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture issued a circular on March 24, 2020 which regulates the implementation of education at home. However, the survey shows that many children, especially those in elementary school experience problems. One of them is the limited ownership of computers / laptops and internet access which results in uneven access to online learning.

Percentage of online versus offline learning methods while learning from home

source : Senza Arsendi |INOVASI

Judging from the data above, it is proven that elementary school children cannot get more assignments than elementary school students studying online. This is done by children who are left academically but are not supported by the internet.

Children’s education threatened under the COVID-19 Pandemic does not only threaten elementary school children. Junior high school kids, senior high schoolers and even college kids also have an impact on online classes at home. On the other hand, many parents are anxious because of being encouraged to do online classes at home, making spending to support their children’s internet access network.

Another impact due to Online class

  • Many children are not ready

The limitations of student learning facilities at home result in children falling apart in the way they learn, which children only think about playing. What is clear is the child is not ready to study at home.

  • academic student are lagging behind

The academic impact will be left behind and certainly many assessment mechanisms cannot be done. In vocational schools, apprenticeship practices are delayed.

To overcome the problem of Indonesian children’s education being threatened under the COVID-19 pandemic some teachers conducted a Foreign Guidance system called LuRing. Where the implementation of teaching divided into several groups according to the place of students. And there are also those who do the teaching system from house to house. This is done for students in remote areas or areas where their home is not supported by internet access. For areas that are constrained by the internet students can learn through TVRI, RRI, or student handbooks. And the role of parents is also needed to accompany their children to learn at home.

So in conclusion the education of Indonesian children is indeed threatened by the COVID19 pandemic. Judging from the several impacts that hit it needs to be done how to slowly overcome the origin of the intentions as written above.

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