Fight Sexual Violence: Here are 3 Safe Steps to Help Victims

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Fight Sexual Violence: Here are 3 Safe Steps to Help Victims

Are any of you still asking about “am I safe now?”, “what if some people hurt me?”. This question should be inappropriate to say, times have changed and we are now in an independent country. But many of us still worry about his safety. Can they no longer trust our legal institutions?

Recently, there have been many cases of sexual violence in Indonesia that need to be taken seriously. In fact, even in a well-known university, fraud still occurs. According to, on Friday, December 3, 2021, a video circulated showing a female student looking angry in front of a number of people who were present at the Sriwijaya University final assessment procession. After being investigated, the cause of the student was angry because she felt she was being treated unfairly.

The student was one of the victims of sexual harassment who reported to the South Sumatra Regional Police, who was supposed to be carrying out the final assessment procession that day. Unfortunately when attending the event, the student’s name was not called. After this incident was widespread, the dean finally included this student as one of the final assessment participants in the second batch. This decision was taken after a sudden meeting was held by the dean and a representative of the rectorate after the incident.

That’s just one of the cases that happened to a student at Sriwijaya University. Perhaps there are many more similar cases that are not known to the general public. If you are experiencing the same thing, or someone close to you is currently experiencing the same thing, here are the steps you should pay attention to get justice in our beloved country.

Make sure you are in a safe situation

If you are in a dangerous situation, you can contact people you can trust, it can be family, close friends, or anyone who can give you help right away. Some of you may feel fear, shame, guilt or shock, but all of this is perfectly normal. Remember there is nothing to worry about except your own safety.

Another option besides contacting the closest person is trying to contact the authorities such as the nearest police and so on. Or you can contact Call center 112 which has been launched in Indonesia since 2015. this number is already connected directly to the local, district, or city government. So that various authorities such as firefighters, hospitals, transportation services, police, and other relevant agencies can provide direct assistance.

Checking policies regarding fairness and appropriate law

When we become victims, we must understand our position and the position of the perpetrators of sexual violence. When we experience problems at work, there are various rules that we must understand. Sexual harassment is a crime against decency as regulated in Article 294 paragraph (2) of the Indonesian Criminal Code. In addition, there is a regulation regarding workers who have the right to moral protection in Article 86 Paragraph (1) of the Manpower Law. These two things can be used as the basis for complaints about sexual violence experienced.

If you experience sexual violence in a university environment, we can report this on the basis of the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No. 30 of 2021 concerning the Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence in the campus environment. This regulation was made due to the increasing number of cases of sexual violence on campus. This has become criticism from various parties because cases in universities are often not properly resolved in legal channels. In addition, campuses often cover these cases to maintain campus accreditation. With this regulation, it is to ensure that citizens’ rights to education are maintained, through the prevention and handling of cases of sexual violence.

If the violence that occurs is in the household, we can also use the legal basis of Law No. 23 of 2004 concerning the elimination of domestic violence. Sexual violence referred to in this case may include forced sexual intercourse or forced sexual relations for commercial or other purposes. In addition, there are certain conditions that may not have been explained in this article.

Therefore, we must be wise and understand the related policies. This understanding is used as the basis for us to provide information to the authorities that the actions taken by the perpetrators were really wrong.

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Check your health

Violence committed by criminals can be used as evidence to give punishment. Even if you don’t have any worrisome physical injuries, or don’t have the courage to report the case to the parties concerned, you should also undergo a medical examination regarding the health risks of exposure to disease or the risk of pregnancy.

Please note that doctors and health care workers will provide professional assistance to you. So, in addition to getting treatment and prevention from the various risks that exist, you can also tell about any violence that has been committed by the perpetrator. It is very likely that anesthesia, administration of alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs can be identified and used as evidence of violence when we run a urine test. Moreover, all your medical needs can also be kept confidential. They will not give information directly to the police without your permission.

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