Canada-US Heatwave 2021 Gone Bad, Killing Hundreds and Fueling Forest Fires

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Canada-US Heatwave 2021 Gone Bad, Killing Hundreds and Fueling Forest Fires

Canada-US Heatwave. Extreme weather has been striking the world non-stop this year. The polar vortex, Cyclone Eloise, and other natural disasters make it appear as if the COVID-19 Pandemic isn’t enough of trouble yet. Now, the Americans and Canadians have to battle the Canada-US heatwave in the mid of 2021. Temperature records have been surpassed in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the United States. This incident has pushed the temperature to an average of 40 degrees Celsius, with temperatures reaching around 50 degrees Celsius at times.

Although heatwaves have been a problem for as long as humankind can remember, this time, this time it has reached life-threatening proportions. Experts have issued a caution to residents to keep a close eye on their health. Animal barns and shelters are warned to provide adequate water to the animals, ensuring that they remain hydrated and cool at all times.

What is causing the Canada-US Heatwave?

Canada-US Heatwave. The thermometer reads 129 degrees Fahrenheit (53.8 degrees Celsius) on June 16, 2021 in Death Valley, California, U.S. REUTERS/Norma Galeana/File Photo
Source: Reuters

When a high atmospheric system sweeps into an area and lasts two or more days, a heatwave occurs. With this high-pressure system, the air is drawn from the top levels of our atmosphere to the soil, where it is compressed and temperature increases. The longer the system is in a region, the warmer the area. One remarkable reason why a heatwave could be deadly lies behind global warming.

It is acknowledgeable that global warming has been heating the earth for decades and it has not gotten any better in the present times. According to Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, a meteorologist with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, climate change makes every heatwave that occurs today more likely and more intense. Studies have shown that heat waves this severe should not be happening. The heatwave this year has increased its temperature by 4 to 5 degrees Celsius and this is an alarming number. Humans should take it as a wake-up call to take better care of their environment and spread awareness around them.

What impact has it had?

Human Beings

There were no compiled data yet on the number of deaths due to this issue. Sources claimed that this heatwave has taken an approximate of 600 deaths have been reported and is still increasing as many are still unrecorded.

Companion and Farm Animals

Unfortunately, it was also not good for the farm and companion animals around the area. has grown considerably and several animals have been found dead at home from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Farmers have been consulting with local governments to keep their livestock alive and well. Some districts managed to start a movement of mass spraying livestock with water to keep the animals cool for the time being.

Marine Animals

Around 1 billion marine animals are found dead down the sea shore and ocean. Locals have found shells and rotten meat of mussles lying around at their beaches. It is primarily dangerous as the mollusks are the sea’s filter. With them striving to keep their existence on line, the cleanliness and food chain of the sea will be on disrupt.


Plants need an ideal and precise environment to grow. It needs an appropriate level of humidity, temperature and nutrients. In this circumstance, however, plants cannot grow efficiently, as some of their requirements are not met. Gardeners have noticed stunted development in plants and reduced crop yields.

Forest Fire

Up until today, data indicate hundreds of wildfires have occurred all across the states due to this natural disaster, killing all the animals and plants that inhabits the place. Not only that this endangers the living beings, it also emitts pollution into the air causing the heat wave to be more severe.

How to help?

Stopping the heat wave might be a big deal. Yet, helping those who are struggling and stopping this from happening ever again in the future is possible. The following are some simple steps to accomplish:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Raise awareness on this issue
  • Provide ice supply to the nearest affected neighborhood
  • Encourage local governments to take real actions on this issue
  • Donate to local vet, farms and places that could be affected.
  • etc.

There are many ways that could be done to help America and Canada in this situation. Together, this heatwave is survivable and would not take any more lives whether it be animals, plants or human beings.

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