List of 10 Countries with the Best Healthcare in the World

List of 10 Countries with the Best Healthcare in the World

As the pandemic is still out here in 2021, healthcare of each countries are greatly put to the test that even the best healthcare in the world is working extra hard. In this article, we will bring you a list that consist of 10 countries that currently has the best healthcare in the world. This list is provided by the 2021 edition of the CEOWORLD magazine Health Care Index.

The Health Care Index is a statistical analysis that measures the quality of a country’s healthcare by considering factors such as healthcare infrastructure, healthcare professionals competencies, medical cost, quality medicine availability, and government readiness, having great quality in each factors means they had the chance to be awarded as the best healthcare in the world.

This factors is analyzed, and then rated from the scale of 0-100. Another factors including  environment, clean water access, sanitation, government intervention, and obesity rate is considered as well.

Year 2021, has been a year after COVID-19 outbreak, and the pandemic is still out there, it is where the best healthcare in the world is being put to the test

Here are the list of 10 countries with the best healthcare in the world, strong enough to survive against life-threatening disease:

(10). United Kingdom

Last place on the list, but still proven to be the best healtcare in the world. Healthcare in the UK has proved to be reliable and convenient for the local citizens and even foreign citizens, and it provide many options for emergency medical treatment, United Kingdom belong in number 10 with their 61.73 overall Health Care Index.

United Kingdom is the home of National Health Service (NHS). It is a tax-payer funded healthcare system which provides the same quality of care to everyone for free regardless of income. Beside of NHS, you can also receive healthcare from private healthcare sectors for those who’s financially capable to afford it.

(9). Belgium

Belgian healthcare system is funded by social contributions that is proportional to the citizen’s income, it’s very similar to taxes. It covers almost the entire population for a large range of services, putting themselves in number 9 of the best healthcare in the world with overall Health Care Index of 64.63.

The principles followed by the Belgian healthcare consist of independent medical practice, free choice of physician and care facility, and predominantly fee-for-service payment. The citizens has good access to many high-quality health services, but socioeconomic inequalities in health status still remains.

(8). Spain

Spain’s public healthcare system received 64.66 on the Health Care Index. It is public, free, and available to every Spanish resident. To fund the system, the employed are required to contribute monthly as a guarantee for almost everyone can access healthcare for free and only has to pay a percentage on prescriptions.

It is one of the best healthcare in the world, but it might not be available for Expatriates. They won’t be receiving immediate access to the public system, and for that they can rely on private healthcare or travel health insurance.

(7). France

France has both state run and private hospitals that maintain a similar degree of excellence, earn them the 7th place with 65.38 overall Health Care Index. France has a high quality healthcare system that offers universal coverage for all citizens, regardless of age, finance, or nationality.

Each resident are protected by mandatory health insurance financed by the government, with optional private insurance available for those who want additional coverage. This health insurance cover about 75% of health expenditure. The universality of their healthcare is what makes it the best healthcare in the world.

(6). Australia

Has both public and private healthcare system. Since 1984, Medicare insurance company has been the Commonwealth Government’s universal health insurance scheme, which has provide free treatment in public hospitals for Australian citizens.

With an overall Health Care Index of 67.99, Australia provides high quality, safe and affordable health care for all Australians. It’s all thanks to Medicare who fully covers all cost of public hospital services to the locals so that Australia acquire the title of the best healthcare in the world.

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(5). Japan

Japan has one of the best healthcare in the world, that Japanese people has a longer life expectancy compared to other country’s. The system puts a high priority on preventative care by offering free screening tests for certain illnesses, as well as superb prenatal programs. Sitting on number 5 with overall Health Care Index of 70.73. However, it is said that while physical healthcare standards are superb, Japan is not as progressive in terms of mental healthcare.

(4). Austria

In Austria, it is mandatory to pay the government’s health insurance scheme for both Austrians and and Non-Austrians. With excellent standard medical facilities and services funded by the taxpayer, Austrian healthcare is rated 71.32 on overall Health Care Index.

Austrian healthcare system is excellent, affordable, and accessible. Covering nearly 100% of the population that fund the healthcare system by sacrificing a portion of their salary. For the low-income or no-income however, it’s completely free. It is accesible even for expatriates, however there might be a language barrier as the people mainly speak German. Regardless, it is one of the best healthcare in the world

(3). Denmark

Danish healthcare system provides the populations with mostly free medical care and is predominantly financed through income tax. Residents are entitled to a national health insurance card, and most examinations and treatments are free of charge for these insurance card holders. This insurance helps Denmark receive 74.11 of overall Health Care Index.

 Denmark healthcare is better in terms of elderly care, Danish senior citizens have the right to enjoy home care services for free, including practical help and personal care, if they are unable to live independently with their families.

(2). Taiwan

Under Taiwan’s single payer, universal health care system, health care is affordable, with few if any costs to patients. Taiwan’s single-payer system is relatively new, it refers to a system in which the costs of essential healthcare for all residents are covered by one organization.

It covers all medically reasonable and necessary care, including prescription drugs and Chinese medicine, and it’s simple and easy to use. Taiwanese healthcare has been rated 77.7 on overall Health Care Index

(1). South Korea

South Korea has the best healthcare in the world in 2021, with overall Health Care Index of 78.72. The healthcare system and health insurance in South Korea is referred to as National Health Insurance (NHI). It is of extremely high quality and all residents living in Korea for a period longer than six months are required to register.

Foreign citizens even get the same treatment as the native populations in this system, as long as they are registered for the NHI after living in the country for six months. However, expats may encounter longer wait times, even in emergency situations.

Those are the top 10 list of the best healthcare in the world in the year of 2021 so far. Perhaps if you’re interested to see the full list 89 countries you can visit this article from CEOWORLD Magazine web site.

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