Way to Save Crude Oil From a Scarce 9.5 Years Down the Road

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Way to Save Crude Oil From a Scarce 9.5 Years Down the Road

Our life that depends on petroleum makes it scarce. Let’s reflect on how often we use motorized vehicles and cars, or how often we see trucks passing by on the road? The answer to this question illustrates how much we contribute to making petroleum scarce. According to Warta Ekonomi.co.id, the current demand for crude oil reaches 1.8 million barrels per day. Meanwhile, based on Trading Economic data as of August 2019, Indonesia’s oil production is at 659 thousand barrels per day.

As time goes by, the production of petroleum will decrease because the supply will run out. If you look back twenty years ago, in 2000, Indonesia’s oil production was still around 1.5 million barrels per day. Whereas ten years ago, in 2010, production had decreased to 1 million barrels per day. Therefore, this topic is very interesting to discuss so that we can be introspective and find out how to save on oil consumption.

Why is oil scarce?

Oil is considered scarce when its supply falls short of a specified level of demand. If supply cannot meet demand at the prevailing price, prices must rise to encourage more supply and to ration demand. The human need for oil is always increasing, while Indonesia’s oil reserves are getting less and less. According to cnbcindonesia, it is estimated that oil fragments can only last up to 9.5 years. This lack of oil can be caused by several things, including:

  • Evaporation of petroleum. This evaporation can come from the earth’s very hot temperature due to globalization, causing the erosion of the ozone layer that protects the earth from direct ultraviolet rays. In addition, it can also be due to deep oil drilling.
  • The demand for oil is higher than the supply of oil. Humans who have a very high intensity of oil consumption, cause oil supplies to quickly run out. An example of this case is the problem of the frequent occurrence of fuel shortages in Indonesia. Some of us consume fuel unwisely, such as using motorbikes for non-essential purposes.

How can we solve oil problem ?

We must take action so that the oil on this earth does not run out. Because petroleum is formed from the process of deposition of animal and plant fossils that lasts for millions of years. So that its availability can run out at any time if it continues to be used. Some things we have to do like :

  • Use it wisely. The human population that increases every year makes human needs also increase. Almost every household must have a private vehicle and these vehicles definitely need fuel. Therefore, we must be aware of the depletion of petroleum in the world so that we must use private vehicles in moderation. Or we can get used to using public transportation if traveling long distances or walking if traveling close. In addition to saving fuel, this will also reduce air pollution.
  • The government supports the program to reduce the use of oil

Not only from the community, the government must succeed and support the program to reduce the use of oil. The government can ensure that public transportation facilities are feasible in every area, even in rural areas. In addition, sidewalks for walking must be decent with adequate lighting so that people are comfortable walking.

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Can we get rid of oil

To make humans reduce dependence on petroleum, we must replace it with alternative energy substitutes. Some of these alternative energy substitutes include:

  • Ethanol. An alcohol-based alternative energy obtained from fermenting plants. Commonly fermented crops are corn and wheat.
  • Natural gas. Natural gas is gas obtained directly from the ground, which can be used as fuel. The use of natural gas when used in vehicles can produce more environmentally friendly emissions
  • Electric. Some vehicles currently use electricity as a propulsion fuel. However, the use of this vehicle cannot be comprehensive due to the high market price of these goods and various regions have not provided facilities for recharging.
  • Hydrogen. This gas has the characteristics of being colorless, odorless and tasteless. Hydrogen currently also has a relatively expensive price
  • Biodiesel. This energy is made from plant and animal fat. This biodiesel can be used for vehicles. However, the use of biodiesel is still very limited

Of the various alternative energy substitutes, one problem is that access is still limited and the price is expensive. If we want to be serious about tackling this increasingly scarce natural gas problem, we must increase socialization and provide all facilities and access so that the use of alternative energy can be maximized.

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