Bet You’ve Never Tried These 3 Unique Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle Methods

Bet You’ve Never Tried These 3 Unique Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle Methods

If you haven’t started living the green life, this is probably the best time to assure yourself to do it. Our daily efforts to treat nature better might sound very little, holding a minor role compared to the gigantic climate phenomena happening around the world, but it does affect the state of the world’s (and our) nature greatly. Reduce, reuse, and recycle might sound like a cliché, but what’s an even bigger cliché is how the application of these things is still very small if we count the scale.

However, there are some ways of ‘going green’ that probably sound new and fresh to you, since these ways are still pretty uncommon. If we wanna start the green life, might as well go full deep inside it. These methods are just the first steps of applying the green lifestyle to our dailies. Plus, they could help you improve in many other life aspects, including a creative way of thinking and keeping up with refreshing trends.

The first one is actually pretty basic, bringing our own large bags which aren’t made of plastic when we shop. I know what you’re thinking, that’s VERY basic. Well, if it’s basic then it shouldn’t be hard to do, right? We can use bags made of cloth, wool, even paper bags if you feel like bringing them (as long as we don’t dump it after using it once!). Doing this could also give us more ‘creative freedom’ in things that we use and bring (and wear) outside. We can customize our own bags, or choose our favorite colors to sync it with our outfits.

If we reuse them, paper bags are great!

Now to the second one, this might blow your mind. An unbelievably large amount of plastic waste in every country, that’s some usual news. What’s not usual (in a good way) is this innovative, nature-friendly initiative by EcoBricks. This movement from Global Ecobrick Alliance is a creative reduce, reuse, and recycle attempt which could hold a huge role for the infrastructure of the near future. EcoBrick as an object is basically empty plastic bottles that are filled with clean, dried, single-use plastics from the inside. The many many plastics inside the bottles are stuffed without leaving any space, making the plastic bottle super thick and resistant.

A close-up of EcoBricks
How EcoBricks are used, pretty awesome right?

So EcoBricks are alternate ‘bricks’ made of plastic. Seeing all the plastic waste around the world, we can definitely reduce those waste, and reuse them as practical ‘bricks’ for our daily lives! Thankfully, awareness of EcoBricks is spreading and rising throughout the world, giving us hope for a better world with infrastructures supported by wasted plastics turned bricks. On the creative side, we can make these bricks with different single-color or multi-colors to match with our infrastructure themes. Imagine brown-colored bricks to hold the walls of a coffee shop, or neon red-colored bricks to hold the walls of a record store. All so versatile, and so helpful.

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This last one is a double down on green lifestyle, defining the meaning of ‘reuse’ yet again. Would you believe if insulating materials could be made of straw? Best believe it because that’s what Landpack is producing! How could straw make insulating materials? Straw’s insulating ability is actually on par with polystyrene. This again uses the wasted materials on our planet to make practical items that we need in our daily lives. With these straw alternatives, we can expect boxes of shipping goods, products from the store, and meal packages made of straw, changing their roles from waste to safe-keepers.

Landpack’s ‘Straw instead of Styrofoam

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