5 Tricks to Ensure Sustainable Production

sustainable production

5 Tricks to Ensure Sustainable Production

Sustainable Production, What is it?

Sustainable production is the establishment of services and goods with systems and processes that are:

  • Secure and healthful for consumers, workers, and communities
  • Innovatively and socially repaying for all workers
  • Manage the energy and natural resources
  • Zero pollution
  • Efficiently applicable

If production is sustainable, then the environment, employees, communities, and organizations will all benefit. In the long run, these conditions usually result in companies being more economically viable and productive, and usually in the short term.

The spark of the concept of sustainable production is to put long-term consequences and benefits above short-term profits. Organizations can thrive by investing in well-designed and safer products, resource-efficient technologies and processes, and trained and authorized employees.

With the public’s attention to global climate change and the efforts of green towns, the benefits of sustainable production have become more obvious.

Is Sustainable Production Important?

According to SDG, The economic and social progress of the last century, accompanied by environmental degradation, is endangering the systems on which our future development and survival depend. COVID-19 provides an opportunity to develop a recovery plan that will reverse current trends and transform our consumption and production patterns into a more sustainable process.

A successful transformation will mean improving resource efficiency, considering the entire life cycle of economic activities, and actively participating in multilateral environmental agreements.


  • LED Bulb

Compared with traditional bulbs, LED bulbs have many advantages. In fact, the power consumption of LED bulbs is on average 8 to 10 times lower than that of traditional bulbs, and the service life is 25 to 50 times longer. By equipping your home with LED bulbs, you are making a gesture that is both ecological and economical.

  • Viable Shopping Bag

Bring a bag when shopping. Instead of spending a few cents on the spot to buy a bag, it is better to bring a reusable shopping bag. As we all know, 10 billion plastic bags are distributed every year around the world. We can realize how this small move has a direct impact on plastic waste. 

  • Recycled Fabric Clothe

One way to make your daily life more environmentally friendly is to wear clothes made from recycled materials. But how to change from a plastic bottle to a piece of clothing? First, the waste is crushed into petals and then mixed with plastic bottles. Then everything is mixed and transformed into a liquid substance, and finally woven into yarn.

  • Compost Pail

The use of compost pail is to deter kilos of waste from garbage cans, which in another way must be collected, transported and treated by public association. It is not only to produce useful fertile materials to surroundings but also will help to decrease waste production.

  • Stainless-steel Drink Bottle

So many benefits we can get if we start using stainless-steel drink bottle. The first is tap water charges about 200 times fewer than bottled water. Secondly, this kind of bottle keep the water cool. Lastly, the environmental impact of plastic bottles are huge.

How to Ensure Sustainable Production?

  • Green initiative

The shift to green initiative forms capacities and awareness in partner countries and assists us with better match with the European Commission Environment service.

  • Chemicals and waste management

By supporting the chemicals and waste management, we already fulfill the implementation efforts with the partner countries related to the agreement of multilateral environment.

  • Support chains and business practices

Secure the supply routes within global value chains which are worked in sustainable way.

Help companies running business with partner countries.

Show particular attention to garment value chains since they are one of the biggest employees in worldwide.

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