Act Now! Terrible Things are Happening on Earth 50 Years From Now When We Do Nothing

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Act Now! Terrible Things are Happening on Earth 50 Years From Now When We Do Nothing

Do you feel that the earth is getting hotter now? Last September, the extremely hot temperatures became a hot topic in the community. Even the weather in Semarang, Central Java, had reached 40 degrees Celsius. This matter must be addressed by us, and especially the government. If today they feel the heat of the earth is so intense, how will life on this earth in the next 50 years? In fact, humans are currently unable to move from an air-conditioned room.

This situation is not enough with the heat of the earth’s surface. On the other hand, there was a flood that caused the washing away of houses and residents. On November 5, 2021, there was a flash flood in the Batu, East Java. The flood that occurred in Batu killed six people who were swept away by the flood currents. According to the BMKG, the flooding was caused by very heavy rainfall with an intensity of up to 80.3 mm of rainfall occurring in a 2-hour period.

The two tragedies mentioned above indicate that the climate on earth is already very extreme. So what about life in the future? Will the earth be able to survive? Here is the answer to that concern

Sea level rise

Do we let the earth sink?

Based on estimates from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it is estimated that there will be a global average sea level rise of around 15-25cm. Communities in coastal areas will feel the impact of rising sea levels. The area will be prone to destructive erosion, wetland flooding, and lost habitat for fish, birds, and plants.

Meanwhile, if sea levels rise to coincide with storms and heavy rains with frequent intensity will be even more dangerous. As exemplified above regarding the floods that occurred in the city of Batu, East Java. However, this incident did not only happen in Batu. Various floods that occur in other areas also have the potential to be able to claim human lives.

This situation causes a massive population movement from one area to another which is higher and safer. The new problem of this phenomenon makes population density in the new area.

Coral reefs are at risk of extinction on this earth

Rising sea temperatures cause thermal stress for corals. According to research, in 2050 there will be a large-scale loss of coral reefs, around 50% of marine animal species will decline, with atmospheric CO2 levels exceeding 500 ppm. Coral reefs are the most fragile ecosystems because of their sensitivity to water temperature. When corals are physiologically stressed – as in the case when water temperatures are elevated – they may lose much of their symbiotic algae, an event known as “bleaching”.

Of course this incident is caused by extreme climate change accompanied by humans who cannot take care of the environment properly. We can imagine that our descendants never knew shellfish. This should make our generation feel ashamed for not being able to maintain the habitats that exist on this earth.

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An ice-free summer for the Arctic Ocean

To date, Arctic sea ice has decreased by an average of 27,000 square miles per year, an area the size of North Dakota that melts each year and doesn’t grow back. According to research from Nature Climate Change, this summer on earth will make major changes including the loss of the entire ice sheet around 2035. In fact, it only takes 13 years, then the ice in the Arctic will no longer exist on the earth’s surface.

Then what action should we take? Is what we are doing now too late to fix? This question is difficult to answer. According to climate scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center and a coauthor of the paper, the actions we are taking (even very aggressive actions) today are unlikely to improve the state of ice loss in the Arctic. But there is no reason to stop here. We must continue to make changes so that other terrible phenomena can be avoided.

Okay from the above statement makes us have to be more vigilant. Please keep this earth!

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