The Sadly Sumatran Tigers Population Remaining is Less Than 400

Sumatran tiger

The Sadly Sumatran Tigers Population Remaining is Less Than 400

As stated in SDGs 15 point 15.7 which ‘Eliminate Poaching and Trafficking of Protected Species’ we really encourage the readers to stop poaching and trafficking one of our protected species in Indonesia which is the Sumatran Tiger.

Indonesia has a few sorts of tigers that have been found, there are the Java tiger, the Bali tiger, and the Sumatran Tiger. Tragically, the Bali tiger has been extinct in 1937 and taken after by the Java tiger in around 1970. Both have the same cases, which is due to poaching and trafficking.

What is Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger (Panthera Tigris Sumatrae)

Sumatran Tiger or Panthera tigris sumatrae as their scientific name is the tiger who as it were lives in Sumatra, Indonesia.

What made them recognizes from others tiger are, this can be kind of the smallest subspecies of all tigers within the world, the fur is darker orange than any other subspecies, heavy black stripes that are near to each fur, they have more bearded and maned than any other tigers, their weight can be up to 140kg, their speed can be up to 65km/hour, they likely live to dodge people, and they like to be in the water.

How they live

Sumatran Tigers are live in individuals

Fair same as any other tigers, Sumatran Tigers are carnivores. They basically prey on pigs, wild hogs, and deer, but will take other prey deftly that available such as tapirs, deer, buffalo, and numerous others. Ordinarily, they explore for their prey at night and they like to walk and travel in long-distance to discover their prey. How they slaughtered other animals is they slowly and noiselessly stalking their prey until they are prepared to spring over their hunts with their speed.

Panthera tigris sumatrae is live in individuals, except when a male tiger attempts to approach a female tiger and will spend a few days together. The time of female tiger pregnancy is approximately 93-112 days and giving birth for around one to six cubs. Their cubs learn to hunt exceptionally quickly, they will begin hunting at one year old, but they as it were will remain with their mother until they are two years old.


Graphic table about Sumatran Tiger population (source:

According to, the last of the Sumatran Tigers are estimated to be fewer than 400 today and are holding on for survival in the remaining patches of forest on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Quickening deforestation and uncontrolled poaching cruelly this respectable animal could end up extinct like its Javan and Balinese tigers. The truly pitiful fate of this sort of tiger whose population proceeds to decrease from decade to decade.

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Sumantra Tiger’s skin (source:

As we have seen within the illustrations table above which appears the proceeded decrease of Sumatran Tigers. In Indonesia itself, poaching and tiger trafficking are still uncontrolled, also habitat loss. They are poached in tremendous numbers by the hunters to get their skin, their bones, and their other body parts. After that, the hunters offer it to buyers at a high price for commercial gain. The unlawful exchange of tigers proceeds to function as profitable commerce. According to, they have surveyed and got the result that the global wildlife trade monitoring network, poaching for trade is responsible for almost 80% of estimated Sumatran tiger deaths amounting to at least 40 animals per year.

Referring to, stated that Sumatra’s deforestation is out of control, the country previously lost 36 percent of its natural forest covers between 1990 and 2010 due to Palm oil plantations. Habitat loss moreover caused the tigers to lose their prey, so they will pass on by themselves since of starvation. With that, Sumatran Tigers were constrained to move to new habitats which moved into villages to discover water and food. As the result of tigers moving out to villager habitats, clashes between tigers and people have ended up a serious issue in Sumatra where tigers are deaths caused by being murdered by people.

In Indonesia nowadays, anybody who is caught chasing tigers could face imprisonment time and an extremely fine. What has been done by the Indonesian government among others is reinforcing wildlife protection policies and law authorization so that we are able to save these wonderful Sumatran Tigers, so it would anticipate their vanishing from this world.

There are moreover conservating endeavors to support these sustainable objectives such as numerous of these remaining tigers live in national parks to get extra protection. Captive breeding from around the world also takes a portion of this appalling situation, the Indonesian government has permitted the investigates to learn more about these tigers about their reproduction and behavior, with the objective to improving the conservations.

And what ought to we do? We ought to support the Indonesian government regarding this issue as they have been attempting to make strides in the conservations and strengthening the policies and law enforcement, we ought to protect tigers and their habitats or living spaces, and we ought to reduce clashes between tigers and people in every area.

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