10 Snorkeling Dos and Don’ts: Snorkeling Tips to Keep The Underwater Lives Happy And Healthy

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10 Snorkeling Dos and Don’ts: Snorkeling Tips to Keep The Underwater Lives Happy And Healthy

As an underwater activity with potential risk, grabbing some snorkeling tips and rules might be helpful for a new starter. Snorkeling is an underwater activity where people dive in a safe area, breathing with oxygen tubes, and enjoy the underwater view. Ocean holds an essential part to support living creatures on Earth, including humans. Not only provide a decent food source, but the beautiful scenery of underwater creatures also has the potential to be an attractive tourism place for humans.

Receiving all the benefits from the ocean, it’s the duty of humans to keep it healthy. Not to mention, most underwater habitats are living creatures too. They play a role to keep the ecosystem and food chain balanced. Besides, water pollution will bring a bad impact on human health too.

That’s why, when we get a chance to go snorkeling, there are rules to obey, especially because people could damage the underwater habitant with their own hand, even possibly without being aware of it. Here are some snorkeling tips you can read before you go for your snorkeling trip.

1. Don’t Touch The Coral Reef Even in Snorkeling Area

The first snorkeling tip is never to touch the coral reef because it could cause harm to both the reef and also a person. Some kinds of reefs are very fragile that they could break when people merely touch them. Be cautious of where you move your diving fins too because you could accidentally kick the reef when you’re snorkeling. Other families of reefs are also poisonous. It has a risk to poison humans who touches it.

2. Don’t Feed the Underwater Animals when Snorkeling

Feeding animals might seem fun, but it can dull the animals’ instinct to hunt for their own food, hence written this second snorkeling tip. It will develop a bad habit for them if tourists keep feeding them all the time. In addition, some ingredients could be dangerous for certain animals. Moreover, the foods potentially could be pollution for the sea. That’s why, when you go snorkeling, you could observe the animals without feeding them nor touch them.

3. Don’t Litter The Snorkeling Area Sea

There are several prominent cases about the finding of sea creatures that being poisoned or wounded by trash, especially plastic trash. Underwater animals could mistake the trash for food or prey. Trash won’t be able to be processed by their digesting system. After all, not only when you’re snorkeling, littering is never a good manner. Littering will pollute the environment and cause a bad impact on the surroundings.

To read more about how bad water pollution can be, you might want to see The Harmful Water Pollution in India: 80% of the Entire Water are Extremely Filthy.

4. Don’t Use Sunscreen when Snorkeling

Move on to the next snorkeling tip: don’t use sunscreen. Sunscreen helps to protect skin from UV when you’re snorkeling, but it contains oxybenzone dan octinoxate that could damage the coral reefs. Even though there is a lot of brands that claim to be safe for the ocean, it doesn’t guarantee that it’s totally free from that substance particle. To protect your skin without sunscreen, you can always wear a snorkeling suit that covers your full body.

5. Don’t Dive Too Deep or Crossing The Snorkeling Safe Area Limit

The next snorkeling tip is about human safety. You might have fun and drown in excitement when you explore underwater. Every provided snorkeling area is guaranteed to be safe, so just keep being aware of the safe area limit, and make sure you don’t cross it. Snorkeling equipment is very simple with a limited duration of oxygen tank because it means to be used only for a short duration. So don’t go too far nor too deep into the ocean.

6. Do Pay Attention To Snorkeling Instruction

Listen carefully to the instructor. Different snorkeling places might have additional snorkeling tips, tricks, and rules that aren’t mentioned in another place, such as maximum duration and item restrictions. Try to not breaking the rules for the sake of your safety and not harming the sea.

7. Do Check Your Snorkeling Equipments And How to Use It

Next is another snorkeling tip for your safety. Check your equipment condition and quality. Make sure that you put on your snorkeling mask correctly, your diving fins are elastic enough and tie your hair if it’s long.

8. Do Stick With Your Snorkeling Group

It’s important to do snorkeling with a buddy, never go alone. With a buddy, you can be responsible for each other’s safety. You can look at each other if something goes wrong. Don’t go too far from your buddy when snorkeling. Make sure that both of you are always within each other’s sight.

9. Do The Correct Snorkeling Breathing Technique

Before you dive in for snorkeling, train yourself to breathe with a snorkel mask. It’s necessary to make yourself comfortable with it. It’s also dangerous to hold your breath underwater when snorkeling, so avoid it.

10. Do Be Aware With Your Surrounding when Snorkeling

For the last snorkeling tips, keep your guard on. It’s okay to totally have fun when snorkeling, but always be aware of what happening around you. Avoid strong tides for your safety. Make sure to not touching anything, and keep looking out for your friends.

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