Seven Clean Seas Carrying Out Revolutionary Moves For The Marine Ecosystem Since 2018


Seven Clean Seas Carrying Out Revolutionary Moves For The Marine Ecosystem Since 2018

Call them heroes of the generation! Seven Clean Seas has now come to rescue the marine ecosystem! For many years, humans have discarded their plastic waste in the ocean. Every year, approximately 100,000 marine mammals face death as a result of this issue, and the number of deaths for other kinds is endless. In response to the problem, an organization called Seven Clean Seas has set an ambitious target to rid the ocean of plastic debris especially in Indonesia.

Indonesia and its Ocean Plastic Pollution Crisis

Why Indonesia ? Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago. With a coastline that stretches for over 54.716 kilometers, Indonesia is a beach and island lover’s paradise. However, Indonesians’ lack of environmental awareness has resulted in the country being named the world’s second-largest plastic polluter in the ocean after China. By 2020, Indonesia had contributed more than 600,000 tonnes of plastics out of a total of 8 million tonnes.

Numerous densely populated communities can be found along Indonesia’s coasts. Plastic waste is widespread and transboundary, with ocean currents conveying it in all paths, including to remote islands. Debrids and plastic waste are easily found scattered along the seashores causing ocean plastic pollution.

According to China Dialogue Ocean, the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the situation. Discarded masks and other protective gear have contributed significantly to the country’s leaking waste-management system.

Learn more on how a big company in Indonesia treat plastic waste: AQUA LIFE as Danone’s Commitment to Recycle Plastic Waste.

All You Need To Know About Seven Clean Seas

Seven Clean Seas is an multinational organization that focuses on ocean cleanup operation, waste management infrastructure, and marine ecosystem conservation. 

The community have gathered 172 276 kg of plastics from the ocean since its first establishment in 2018. With its mission to create a scalable funding mechanism (Plastic Offsetting) to generate capital for ocean cleanup projects, river cleanup projects, and waste management infrastructure projects. They believed that oceans and seas are the most important ecosystems on the planet, thus, they desire to contribute to the protection of all the wonderful life that calls them home. This is done by cleaning, conserving, and educating.

At the moment, they are on progress to accomplish two projects: the River Plastic Recovery System in Vietnam due to launch at the end of 2021 and the ongoing Ocean Recovery and WM Infrastructure in Riau Archipelago Indonesia.

Doing God’s Work for The Marine Ecosystem

Rivers are responsible for an estimated 70% of all ocean plastic. Seven Clean Seas managed to compose a ground-breaking, high-volume, low-cost River Plastic Recovery System to collect plastics before they enter the ocean.

They collaborate with coastal communities to establish operational waste management collection services. This initiative prevents plastic from entering the marine environment area and assist in the education, creation of jobs, and protection of livelihoods in these communities.

They are currently focused on working the good in Bintan Island, Indonesia. They have implemented the initiative for over 8 weeks and have recycled 775 kg of plastic. “We collect plastic directly from the ocean. Through our work, we are bringing about long-term change in the world’s top seven most polluted areas,” the organization mentioned.

As for the crew member, the community has recently begun to provide employment for those whose living income comes from the tourism industry that has now have been incapacitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. For each clean-up activities, 20 up to 30 crew member will be participating, walking 350m to 3km in search of plastic debris.

Throughout their journey, they have realized that making the ocean clean is not a mission to accomplish on their own. Therefore, they offer products that can help them reach their dream closer by each purchase. Interested? Take a closer look of their profile and products at Seven Clean Seas Website.

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