Sea Pollution is Real Dangerous: 75% Sea in Indonesia are in Danger

Sea pollution in Indonesia

Sea Pollution is Real Dangerous: 75% Sea in Indonesia are in Danger

Sea pollution has become a very real dangerous issue nowadays, and it’s truly happening in many countries in the world. Certainly with the high numbers of contamination in our sea, it would jeopardize the ecosystem in the sea itself.

Regarding, Marine or sea pollution is a combination of chemicals and trash, most of which comes from land sources and is washed or blown into the ocean. This contamination comes about in harm to the environment, to the wellbeing of all organisms, and to financial structures around the world.

Sea in Indonesia

The Cause

The amount of bottled trash found on the beach

It can be said that sea pollution in Indonesia is in a highly polluted zone with 75 percent of the sea, 20 percent moderately polluted, and 5 percent low polluted. How could this happen?

Most of the contamination comes from plastic waste. The fact is that Indonesia is the biggest plastic waste producer in the world after China, with 5.4 million tons of plastic waste per year in Indonesia, this waste is carried by river streams, then into the sea. In addition to being a major danger to the excellence of shorelines for tourists, plastic waste in the sea moreover undermines the lives of fish, warm blooded creatures, ocean birds, and indeed coral reefs.

Furthermore, sea pollution in Indonesia can also be caused by petroleum activities, such as spilling oil channels or oil refineries. Oil pipeline spills will posture serious issues for people and marine environments. As a result of this contamination, fishermen lose their income since the fish pass on.

Another cause of sea pollution in Indonesia is the use of pesticides. Marine contamination in Indonesia that comes from the utilization of pesticides ordinarily comes from the rural or manor segments. Pesticides containing DDT compounds will be carried into streams, at that point flowing into the sea. Pesticides that are poisonous will influence the apprehensive system of living things, such as marine life. Then the compound inferred from DDT will alter the behavior of fish and inhibit egg development, and kill marine creatures.

The Effect

Trash disturbs marine life

Plastic waste in coastal zones can be a major risk to the tourism segment, since the more rubbish within the environment, the fewer tourists will be fascinated by going to the zone. Indeed waste carried into the sea will make it troublesome for fishermen to get fish, indeed ocean growth development will not work in case the sea is contaminated with plastic waste.

When the creatures that ingest plastic waste pass on, the plastic waste in their bodies will not be annihilated and stay intact so that inevitably it will end up a carcass that can harm other creatures, people who are around it, to pollute the environment with its foul scent and smell sting. Numerous sea creatures consume plastic so they pass on. Chemical compounds in plastic that are consumed by fish can settle within the fish’s body, so that in case the fish is at that point eaten by people, it can have an affect on human wellbeing itself.

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As an archipelagic nation, Indonesia must pay attention to this enormous, very worrying issue and the requirement for extraordinary efforts to monitor its marine areas.  As stated in SDG “By 2025, prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds, in particular from land-based activities, including marine debris and nutrient pollution” Meanwhile, Indonesia has arranged to diminish 70 percent of marine waste by 2025 by creating a unified team specifically for this problem.

Littering litter is undoubtedly a habit of people that cannot be tolerated since it implies that individuals are selfish and only think about themselves. It is exceptionally ironic that humans really use the sea for life, but cannot maintain it. Besides, plastic waste takes hundreds of a long time to decompose. What’s even more awful is that if the waste in the Indonesian seas can reach the oceans of other countries, it will be really dangerous for the marine life of other countries and very humiliating.

Subsequently, let’s keep our seas clean so as not to worsen sea pollution in Indonesia. Only a simple way, namely reducing the use of plastic, taking part in beach cleaning activities, and even as simple as inviting others to keep the sea clean. Since it can not be done by only a couple of people, but must be done by numerous people.

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