Stop Agonizing Environment! Deforestation and 2 Ways to Repair IT

Stop Agonizing Environment! Deforestation and 2 Ways to Repair IT

Deforestation has been a topic for decades. Well, forest has been known to be a place full of life and their capability to support lives of every creature in this world. As the number of people who live on Earth increased, the demand is also raised. Now it has become a topic which concerned all as now a bald forest with only a few or no tree are found frequently. The forest are under a threat, which makes the benefits of the forest become overthrown.

Now, have you ever take a close look at how our land has become? Compare the images below!

An example of a forest with lots of trees
A forest that has been cut, the start of deforestation

There is no doubt that the two images are different. Why? Yes, it is because of the number of trees are far in range. Surely, the first image is much more better for the eyes than the second one.

What is Deforestation?

Deforestation is the act of cutting trees for particular purposes. According to, deforestation is the decreasing of forest in the world for other necessities such as building, houses, or mine. This activity is being exceptionally speed up by human and now affects the ecosystem, biodiversity, and even the climate.

What is the Cause?

  1. Agricultural Expansion

According to FAO, the expansion of agricultural land causes for about 80% of deforestation. This shows that agriculture is the main reason of the degradation of forest. Forest are often transformed into cropland to fulfill daily needs. Cropland and livestock farming takes part for about 40% of the forest clearance. Why livestock farming is also included? The fact is, livestock itself is responsible for 14% forest loss, but their food is the reason why it needs a large area of land. Soybean cultivation forces livestock farming deeper in the forest.

Expansion of agriculture is one of the cause of deforestation
  1. New Construction

Human infrastructure could also cause forest loss. 10% of construction contributed to forest loss, which specifically include several types: energy generation, transportation, and transformation. Usually, all these causes are linked one way to another. In instance, a country builds roads to improve transportation performance. But then, this road building is the core of deforestation as roads provide ways to unclaimed green land which leads to another forest loss.

Construction especially roads leads to another deforestation
  1. Urbanization

The growth of population leads people to move from one area to another, especially rural to urban which contributes 5% to forest loss. This growth is believed to be a factor of housing and construction rise. Cities are bound to be larger because of populational growth, and then. as the cost, the natural boundaries around them would be gone as well.

Movement from rural to urban is the cause of deforestation

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How to Repair the Damage?

As you know, it is never too late to make things right. The damage that has been done would never be changed, so that’s why, for the sake of our Earth’s, let’s take the forest restoration into action by these two ways:

1. Afforestation

What is afforestation? It is the activity of planting trees or seeds in a barren area where there has been no tree before. The sole aim is to create a new forest.

2. Reforestation

Different from above, reforestation is the activity of planting trees or seeds in a forest where the trees have been decreased or replantation of trees.

These processes could help in preventing desertification which is the process in which the land is changing into desert due to excessive farming activity or drought.

Remember that forest is the key to a secure, prosperous, and an assured life. Why? Because forest carries all the soiled things and leaving the clean air for human to consume. Repay the kindness you have been received from it, and now it is your time to help their restoration.

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