Pollution And Extinction: 5 Weekly Practical On-The-Go Facts Surrounding Nature, Just For You

Pollution And Extinction: 5 Weekly Practical On-The-Go Facts Surrounding Nature, Just For You

Seems like we need to be more aware of the state of the world that we live in so we can act more to protect it, to care for it. Pollution is everywhere, living creatures go extinct, and some hopes for new techniques that we can use for the good of the world. Here are 5 nature articles you should read to know about the world’s natural state, all on-the-go. Just click the title(s) of the pieces that you wanna read, and you’ll be there!

Act Now! Terrible Things are Happening on Earth 50 Years From Now When We Do Nothing

Written by Comuniti Writer, Nina Asri

Do you feel that the earth is getting hotter now? Last September, the extremely hot temperatures became a hot topic in the community. Even the weather in Semarang, Central Java, had reached 40 degrees Celsius. This matter must be addressed by us, and especially the government. If today they feel the heat of the earth is so intense, how will life on this earth in the next 50 years? In fact, humans are currently unable to move from an air-conditioned room.

This situation is not enough with the heat of the earth’s surface. On the other hand, there was a flood that caused the washing away of houses and residents. On November 5, 2021, there was a flash flood in the Batu, East Java. The flood that occurred in Batu killed six people who were swept away by the flood currents. According to the BMKG, the flooding was caused by very heavy rainfall with an intensity of up to 80.3 mm of rainfall occurring in a 2-hour period.

The two tragedies mentioned above indicate that the climate on earth is already very extreme. So what about life in the future? Will the earth be able to survive? Here is the answer to that concern.

Water Pollution in 2021: Definition, Causes, and Prevention

Written by Comuniti Writer, Aulifia Salsha

What is the concept of water pollution? Water pollution is described as the pollution of a waterway, stream, pond, marine, or other sources of water, resulting in a decrease in groundwater resources and toxicity to human beings and the environment.

Water contamination may be divided into two categories namely, organic and chemical pollution. Firstly, organic contamination is caused by microbial in the water, such as infectious agents, which are produced by faeces, nature and nurture waste. Secondly is chemical pollution. Pesticide nitrogen and phosphorus, animals and human medications, home items, toxic substances, chemicals, and fuels used throughout industries activities all contribute to chemical contamination.

5 Of The Most Extinct Animals in 2021

Written by Comuniti Writer, Aulifia Salsha

How many of you have thought about what the top five most extinct animals are and how to save them? When extinct animals have fallen by 50% to 70% and their habitat is reduced to less than 250 mature adults, it is categorized as put in danger. When extinct animals distribution is this limited, its range isn’t taken into account. Let’s take a look at the extinct animals below!

5 Huge Effects Caused by Water Pollution

Written by Comuniti Writer, Audrey Kareninna

Pollution is an addition of materials which are destructive materials into environment. Some of those destructive materials often called pollutants.

Pollutants may created by human activity. For example, drainage which produced by factories and garbage. They also come from natural, such as volcanic ash.

How To Get and Manage 6 Clean Energy Sources For Better Life

Written by Comuniti Writer, Audrey Kareninna

Clean energy supports many economic and environmental advantages, consist of air pollution reduction. Various types of clean energy also decrease the dependence on imported sustains.

Clean energy also has basic cost savings since there is no need to transport and extract fuels. As an example coal or oil.

Clean energy also gives benefit for industrial aspect such as manufacture, establishment of jobs to develop and set up the clean energy resources for future.

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