3 Latest Innovations in Agriculture that are Effective to Reduce Hunger in Indonesia

Agriculture in japan

3 Latest Innovations in Agriculture that are Effective to Reduce Hunger in Indonesia

We all know that Indonesia is an agricultural country, where most of the population works in agriculture. People mostly rely on their agricultural products to survive. One thing that is problematic is that Indonesia’s hunger rate according to the Global Hunger Index is the third highest in Southeast Asia in 2021. Indonesia’s hunger index score reached 18 points, which is already above the global average (the global average is 17.9 points).

Indeed, there are many things that have caused Indonesia’s hunger level to increase drastically, but because most of Indonesia’s people are farmers, of course the current agricultural system in Indonesia can contribute to this increasing level of hunger. Or it could be because the world is being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, so people cannot work maximally because they are sick. Furthermore, because this pandemic requires people to stay at home, so they have limitations to do work and have no income. In addition, it can also be caused by extreme climate and weather that makes farmers fail to harvest crops, causing hunger levels to increase.

If we look at the neighboring countries, Japan, is also a country that is famous for its food industry and agriculture. The agricultural system in Japan is unparalleled, so this can encourage the welfare of Japanese society. Check out the secrets of the agricultural system in Japan that can prosper the following people.

Use of advanced technology

Technology in the agriculture sector

Japanese background which has a good automotive industry, this of course has an impact on all sectors, one of them is agriculture. The agricultural system in Japan is very sophisticated. There are various kinds of machines used for planting, watering, and harvesting agricultural products. When compared to Indonesia, almost all farming systems for farmers are still carried out by relying on human resources. This agricultural system is very traditional and people are still unfamiliar with the technology.

Even though the existence of this new technology can make work time shorter. Moreover, we also don’t need to spend a lot of energy to do a job. Both things we get if we can take advantage of today’s technological sophistication. There are two possible reasons why Indonesians don’t use this technology. One, because Indonesians are still foreign and lack information about this new technology. Second, farmers don’t want to spend money to buy inventory.

Government support for agriculture

In the news from tabloidsinartani, it was written that the Japanese government was committed that, “People who want to become farmers, then farm diligently. the government will guarantee prosperity.” This will provide a stimulus for the community to be responsible in their fields and abilities, especially for farming. This commitment is reflected in price regulation, subsidized production factors, protection of local products, including the provision or area of ​​land that can be owned by each individual. The institution in charge of assisting all operations in agriculture is the Japan Agriculture Cooperative. The duties of this cooperative are distributing agricultural products, providing facilities, regulating product processing, financial resources, and being able to provide insurance facilities and health services.

Furthermore, the government also participates in providing assistance such as subsidies for the development of ty pes of robots capable of assisting various stages of agriculture, from seeding to harvesting.

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Stay innovative

Scientists in Japan are competing with each other to find creative things to make work easier. As Yuichi Mori, he has developed a new cropping pattern by not depending on the soil as a planting medium. The medium used for the cultivation of this plant is a sheet composed of polymer. Also known as Mebiol. This sheet is made of plastic which we often encounter as food wrappers.

The advantage of using a planting method like this is that the sheet used binds water and nutrients very well so that it saves up to 90% of water. In addition, growing in this way doesn’t require pesticides because the polymer has inhibited viruses and bacteria. From both explanations, we realize that traditional farming methods should have evolved.

OK, we’re at the end of this article. What can be taken from the information above is that it is hoped that Indonesian farmers can now innovate to adapt to the development of advanced technology. By innovating we can also make our work as farmers more effective and efficient. Thus, this will affect the level of welfare and of course the number of hunger in Indonesia will also decrease.

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