Great News! The Extinct Animals “The Javan Rhinoceros” is Gradually Gaining in 2021

Great News! The Extinct Animals “The Javan Rhinoceros” is Gradually Gaining in 2021

Indonesia experienced the extinct animals situation a long time ago. Many varieties are nominated as animal extinction such as Harimau Sumatra, Komodo, Gajah Lampung, Cedrawasih, and many more. Besides, the existence of Badak Cula Satu or Badak Jawa (the Javan Rhinoceros) also can be categorized as extinct animals. This is due to the fact that people are hunting for the horn for many reasons.

However, the Badak Cula Satu (the Javan Rhinoceros) is receiving a piece of great news, that is, the birth of it. Let’s get to know further about it below!

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Illustration of rhinoceros extinction

The news of the extinct animals for Badak Jawa or the Javan Rhinoceros was clarified by the World Wide Fund for Nature or also known as (WWF). They said that 2 out of 5 varieties of the Javan Rhinoceros are alarmingly in the extinction.

The Javan Rhinoceros just has one horn, different from the Sumatran Rhinoceros that have two horns. These two varieties are in a dangerous situation since people keep hunting the horn illegally. The horn can be categorized as a criminal transnational activity since it was sold internationally across the countries. As the traditional habit said, the horn was valued that can be consumed for many kinds of diseases, yet this condition was not proven yet by the scientists.

Furthermore, other reasons are due to the constringency of habitat and infectious animal disease. Whereas, people who keep, harm and hurt, kill,  as well as a buy-sell activity will be snared punishment (in jail for 5 years and pay the amercement for 100 million rupiahs).

Great News

Illustration of rhinoceros extinction

On the other hand, the population of the Javan Rhinoceros was gaining four babies in the conservation area or Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon (TNUK) in Kabupaten Pandeglang Banten, Indonesia. This happy news was recorded in the trap camera in June 2021. Before, March 2021 was also welcoming two babies in the same area. This means that the population is gradually increasing. At first, the number of baby Javan Rhinoceros was 71 and was added, 4 babies, so that the total of population of Javan Rhinoceros is 75 in Ujung Kulon. 

43 out of 75 of the Rhinoceros are males and 33 are females. Moreover, 68 out of 75 are adults and the others are still babies. The birth of 4 babies of the Rhinoceros has not been given a name by the government.

This occasion is encouraging the government and the conservation to be more exciting in continuing the good deeds of conserving the Javan Rhinoceros.

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As a final note, we as a society should be more aware of animal extinction due to keeping our environment sustainable and avoiding animal extinction happened in the future. We should keep in mind what Mahatma Gandhi said, the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animal is treated.

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