How To Get and Manage 6 Clean Energy Sources For Better Life

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How To Get and Manage 6 Clean Energy Sources For Better Life

Clean Energy Definition

Clean energy is energy that comes from natural sources and renewable that do not pollute the atmosphere. As well as energy saved by energy efficiency capacities.

Types of Clean Energy

These are several sources of clean energy and how they work

  • Biomass Energy

Biomass contains burning organic materials to create electricity. It is proven has more energy-efficient and cleaner process.

  • Solar Energy

Solar energy is such a perfect renewable energy which can supply our energy usage. This kind of energy comes from sunlight, which we can get it for free.

  • Wind Energy

Wind is an unlimited source of clean energy. In UK, wind power can make contribution to the National Grid. In order to utilize electricity from wind energy to electrical energy, turbines are needed to drive generators then feed electricity into the National Grid.

  • Hydro Energy

As one of clean energy resources, hydro power is commercially advanced. By making a dam, a large reservoir can be used to create a controlled flow of water which will push the turbine to produce electrical energy. This kind of clean energy resource sometimes be more decent than wind or solar power since it allows electricity to be kept.

  • Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy also can be used to generate electrical energy since it is from natural heat below the earth’s surface.

  • Tidal Energy

It is another form of hydro energy which uses twice in a day to push turbine generators. Tidal flow is highly predictable and can compensate for the periods when the tide current gets lower.

Clean Energy Advantages

Clean energy supports many economic and environmental advantages, consist of air pollution reduction. Various types of clean energy also decrease the dependence on imported sustains.

Clean energy also has basic cost savings since there is no need to transport and extract fuels. As an example coal or oil.

Clean energy also gives benefit for industrial aspect such as manufacture, establishment of jobs to develop and set up the clean energy resources for future.

Clean Energy and Global Warming

Since clean energy sources do not discharge greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, they do not commit to global warming. These clean energy sources measures such as reforestation can assist to lessen the damage for the climate.

Clean Energy Management

  • Find the most suitable for sustainable energy technologies

On-site solar panels, windmills, biomass projects, cogeneration and other renewable energy sources. Through the “scan” of sustainable energy technologies.

When deciding where to invest in green energy, a sustainable energy technology scan will allow you to optimize your choices. It will scan your different sites for the following potentials such as economics, technical, and regulatory aspect.

  • Trade green products

More and more companies trade green products. If you participate in an emissions trading mechanism, you have a portfolio of carbon emission rights that can be traded. If you produce green energy, you may have a tradable certificate. Developing and implementing a good strategy for green commodity trading can significantly increase your return on investment. Integrating your green product strategy into your broader energy procurement strategy will lead to a more business-centric approach to sustainable development.

Self-generation can also make you a seller of electricity or steam to the grid or neighbors. In this case, strategies for energy procurement should be deployed to optimize the outcome of pricing/de-pricing decisions. Combined heat and power installations can cause spark-spread transactions, where some of the natural gas you buy is used to produce electricity, which is then sent to the grid. This requires advanced trading strategies.

  • Purchase green energy

Greening your energy supply is usually a hasty decision. Many countries in the world have green electricity markets, for example, by purchasing certificates of origin. However, the true contribution of purchasing such certificates to carbon emissions reduction is questionable. Therefore, you may run the risk of subjecting your company to accusations of green washing. To avoid this situation, look at the different types of green energy supply products currently on the market. But please note that these prices will be higher.

Based on the stakeholders’ analysis of sustainable development strategies, E&C will help you make the right choice in terms of green energy supply. We will then integrate our approach into all your energy contract negotiations.

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