5 Global Warming Easy Things That Can Be Done In Early-Prevention

Global warming on earth

5 Global Warming Easy Things That Can Be Done In Early-Prevention

Based on byjus.com, global warming can be defined as the rising of general temperature on the earth including in the atmosphere, ocean, and also lands. The most prominent thing that can be noticed such as the melting of ice in the polar regions and the tendency of rising temperature.

Human activities lead to the reason global warming is happening. As the result, the earth’s climate is becoming extremely hot and uncertain at a particular time. However, the human daily life’s patterns are always developing and changing. Indeed, in general, this will be harder to be avoided and ceased suddenly. Thus, people should do something to decrease the more severe disadvantages of global warming.

As a human being, how to deal with global warming is necessary to be discovered. This is due to social being’s responsibility. Therefore, the next generation potentially can go through life along with the satisfaction of the availability and abundance of this unrenewable energy in natural resources. There are several ways that can be done in human daily activities starting from a minor phase to a huge step.

Reducing the use of private transportation

Global warming caused by carbon emissions from transportation

Global warming nowadays might be happened and private transportations are getting overwhelmed. The plenty and unnecessary use of private transportation direct the consumption of fossil fuels. Carbon emissions burning within vehicles is the major cause of global warming.

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For this reason, the diminution of using private transportation supposed to be concerned and suggest society use public transport if possible.

Economize the utilization of energy

Electricity is produced from oil, gas, and coal

Electricity is also coming from fuels that are produced from oils, gas, and coal. The small contribution to help the global warming prevention that can be done by people is turning off the light if it is not used anymore.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Based on www.env.go.jp, reducing is trying to use goods and things carefully to avoid massive waste. Next, reuse is a repeating phase in using things or part of things that still have value to be utilized. Whilst recycling refers to the usage of superfluousness as a source. These three steps are often called “3Rs”.

Expanding the environment-friendly products

Environment-friendly product

Nowadays, technology is pretty much flourishing. Many kinds of electronic tools such as air-condition, lamps, electrical vehicles, and wash-machine are set up for environment-friendly. Although, indeed, those tools are still contributing to consume energy, at least, the energy is decreasing enough and just absorbing little energy. In addition, changing plastic into products that can be reused is also another suggestion for expanding environment-friendly products.


House plants that can help transform carbon dioxide to oxygen

Planting trees is the most effective way to deal with global warming. The carbon dioxide can be absorbed since the photosynthesis needs and transforms it into oxygen that every creature necessitate.  In fact, there are also several house plants effective to burn off the carbon dioxide that appears from burning fossil fuels. such as Aloe Vera, Dracaena, and Areca Palm. Thus, everybody can start planting vegetation in their own home.

On a final note, starting these steps are a little bit hard at first, but those phases are possible to be done for everyone for the sake of the sustainability of climate as a result of global warming. Above all, increasing self-awareness to get others’ consciousness towards global warming at the end.

Do not forget to keep sharing about the dangers of global warming and how to solve it. Be a good representative of doing good things and habits to others. To be sure, let’s make a tiny movement for big changes and save our planets from global warming!

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