Coral Reefs Damage As A Result of Sunscreen in 2021?

Coral Reefs Damage As A Result of Sunscreen in 2021?

Coral reefs damage as a result of sunscreen in 2021? Let’s take a look at the explanation.

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What is Sunscreen?

The example of sunscreen

Based on, sunscreen or also known as sunblock or suntan lotion is a skin product that helps to avoid the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and protect the skin from sunburn even the worst-case like cancer. These products come from many variations such as spray, lotion, gels, sticks, powders, and foams that are made from harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone, camphor, methylparaben, and nanoparticles. Negative effects might appear to the coral reefs.

Sunscreen may be a lifesaver for our skin, however, it would be a danger for coral reefs.

How Is It Possible to Damage the Coral Reefs?

Coral reefs damage

Corals and marine life are taking an important role in common chemicals that are used in million products of sunscreens. The most valuable ingredient comes from healthy coral reefs ecosystems on earth. Coral reefs lead many products aside from sunscreens such as providing billion dollars in economic, tourism, environmental services, food ingredients, skincare production, and coastal protection.

However, as we know today, many threats as a result of several sources such as climate change, land-based pollution, coastal development, disease, invasive species, and unsustainable fishing. The most important thing that needs to be considered is while the travellers are using the sunscreen and do not let them dry in good or proper condition, it might melt off slowly, then, absorbed by the coral reefs. The dangerous ingredients will disrupt reproduction and growth development. This action can lead to the immediate extinction of coral reefs and the wildlife will lose their home as well.

Based on abcnews.go, said by a professor of Marine Science at the University of South Florida, Dr Pamle Hallock, sunscreen that people commonly use can be categorized in local stresses of the nearly global extent or it is similar as overfishing and nutrient pollution actions.

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Clothes with Sun-protect

The example of wetsuit for men and women

Covering our skin is the simplest thing to protect our skin. Try to wear a t-shirt or long clothes to cover up your skin from the harmful effect of the sun’s ultraviolet light while below the sun in the summer tanning process. Whilst in swimming activities, wear waterproof attire or use a rash top or wetsuit so that you can swim without any guilt about coral reefs and feel free about it.

Coral Reef Safe Sunscreen

Coral reef-friendly sunscreen

Do not ever try to throw away your sunscreen just because there is a particular lotion that is safe for coral reefs. This lotion switched out oxybenzone or octinoxate with non-nano titanium dioxide or even a zinc oxide that helps the swimmers and divers feel safe and is sustainable for the marine environment as well. Furthermore, try to get information on reef-friendly sunscreen. Nowadays, many brands provide great reef-friendly sunscreen such as Thinksport, All Good, and Babo Botanicals. These products are easy to get on many websites, online shopping applications, and shops nearby.

Since global warming, pollution, and other dangerous human activities can lead to coral reefs threat and make wildlife in extinction condition, this action should be taken seriously. This action might be categorized as unregulated yet we should concern and pay attention to what we do while we are planning to swim, scuba dive, or snorkel nearby coral reefs.

And pay attention to what Sheherazade Goldsmith said, “Coral reefs represent some of the world most spectacular beauty spots, but they are also the foundation of marine life, without them, many of the seas most exquisite species will not survive.”. It concludes that we should save life below water to sustain the environment.

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