600.000 Bottle Plastic Waste Can Build A House As A New Infrastructure Reference?

600.000 Bottle Plastic Waste Can Build A House As A New Infrastructure Reference?

Nowadays, bottle plastic waste is overwhelmed all over the place, we can find it everywhere and every time. This leads to the spread of waste that is unusable and has the possibility to damage the environment in both lands as well as the ocean. However, as time goes by, people are trying to solve this problem.  Bottle plastic waste can be implemented into many products. To give you an idea, this waste is able and strong enough to build a house. Let’s take a look at this elaboration!

Bottle plastic waste

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How Is It Done?

Plastic shredded

In Canada, there are people who care about the environment and see bottle plastic waste as such a great chance to be tried. Then, Canadian builders gathered about more or less 600.000 bottles of plastic waste. This house is the first infrastructure that has been made since the use of wood and stone are commonly established. The house consisted of a three-bedroom and it is huge enough to be lived in.  Before it is built, the bottle should pass several phases.

Firstly, the bottle has to be shredded into super little pieces. This process should be done in the beginning, to make further sequences are easier. After that, the pieces of bottle plastic waste is going to be melted. The plastic is melted due to the easiness and simplicity of constructing the house since the next step is forming the liquid into a thick rectangle shape or brick by pouring it into the custom mould and waiting until it cools down.  The thickness is about 6 inches to make a panel. The last phase is about ready to use and set up into a building.

Are There Advantages?

White glass fiber

Although the house is constructed by using the bottle plastic waste, it does not rule out the possibility to be a sturdy and strong infrastructure. The wall does not give a warm effect, to be precise, the wall provides a system that can organize and keep the room at a good temperature, even, it is twice more effective rather than the usual infrastructure that is used in a common house. Based on what the builders said, this happened due to the structural strength and insulation.

Another advantage, bottle plastic waste walls is proven to be stronger against strong wind and even hurricane. The builders have been tested by using a particular machine in its maximal power. The result leads to the sturdiness of the wall, so that, it is safely used.

The next advantage, the walls are covered with ultraviolet paint as well as fibreglass skin along with the interior and exterior to protect from the harmful effect of sunlight. Moreover, the cost is relatively the same as other ingredients that were used in the common infrastructure. The builders can fix the price is more or less about $400,000 including the furnishings. This house is sold on sale, however, if this kind of house is less desirable, the founders and the builders decided to offer people to rent the one-of-a-kind home in Airbnb.

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As a final note, this kind of idea ought to be implemented in other countries since all over the world are also using the same bottle plastic that leads to waste. This house infrastructure also has many advantages like the elaboration above to help the environment be better and sustainable. In fact, another reference of environmentally friendly housing infrastructure can be found through this step. One of the founders named Saulnier said, “You are saving the planet. You are saving the oceans. You are taking all this (plastic) out of the environment and making stuff with it,”.

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