AQUA LIFE as Danone’s Commitment to Recycle Plastic Waste

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AQUA LIFE as Danone’s Commitment to Recycle Plastic Waste

One of the big multinational food-products corporation, Danone has finally taken the initiative to reduce plastic waste for the greener. AQUA, being Danone’s bottled water brand has released its new product called AQUA LIFE.

The amount of plastic waste on landfills and water bodies tolls up since the invention of bottled water in the 18th century. Approximately 1,500 plastic bottles are discarded irresponsibly every second, today, taking 450 to 1000 years to biodegrade. Toxins released into our environment by decomposing plastic bottles, according to recent research findings, have caused a wide range of health problems, including reproductive issues and cancer. Not to mention the huge amount of energy that the production process is demanding. Responding to these issues, Danone has decided to release this product. Hitting two birds with one stone, this commitment is expected to help keep the ecosystem clean and to meet customer demand of bottled water.

Introduction to AQUA LIFE

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Source: Sehat AQUA

AQUA LIFE is AQUA’s genuine innovation to promote less plastic consumption in Indonesia. The packaging is entirely made of recycled materials that are fully recyclable for future production. While the water is derived from carefully selected water sources that have retained their entire natural mineral content. With the slogan “Protecting the Environment, Protecting You,” the product was released in the middle of 2019. The company believes that the way humans live today is destroying their only source of life. As a result, humans must begin taking action to restore the world’s condition.

The price of AQUA LIFE is relatively higher than other AQUA’s products. Yet, it could not overthrown the benefit that comes with purchasing one bottle of AQUA LIFE. The product has meet the Indonesia National Standard (SNI) criteria and is packaged in 1.1L hygienically processed bottles. Although it is made using used plastic bottles, the product is completely safe as it is packaged using an FSSC 22000 certified production process

Plastic Waste Treatment Process

1. From The Nature

This recycled plastic product is manufactured from used plastic water bottle that has been collected around the environment. AQUA works with waste collectors, waste banks and drop boxes to collect used plastic bottles, to be recycled for production.

2. Recycling Business Unit Stop

The collected AQUA plastic bottles are then transported to the Recycling Business Unit Stop, where they are sorted, crushed, and thoroughly washed. Used plastic bottles that are recyclable will be separated from attributes that are not made of PET – bottle caps and labels will be removed. Following that, PET bottles will be fed into a machine that shreds them into small pieces of plastic. These items will be cleaned and dried with water. The items are then placed in sacks and transported to the factory.

3. To The Plastic Pellets Factory

Subsequently, at the plastic pellets factory, the treated plastics are liquified and processed into rPET resin (Recycled PET), becoming raw material for the bottles called preform.

4. AQUA Production Factory

In the AQUA Production factory, plastic pellets are then molded into hygienic plastic bottles for usage. Water is filled into the bottles and sealed with bottle caps. Next, AQUA LIFE is transported to different markets for the customers to purchase and enjoy.

At the moment, they are only marketing this product in Bali and Jakarta. This, however, does not preclude the possibility of marketing AQUA LIFE in other parts of Indonesia especially with the blazing enthusiasm of the customers. AQUA have a dream that in the upcoming future, more people will be aware of the environment and are responsible with their consumption.

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