Volunteering or Internship Programs? Productive During the 2020 Pandemic

Volunteering or Internship Programs?

Volunteering or Internship Programs? Productive During the 2020 Pandemic

Volunteering vs Internship

Volunteering or Internship? Hello Comuniti friends, how are you today? I hope you are always in good health. Now in this article, I will discuss about how productivity during the pandemic, especially for high school students and college students.

As we know that during this pandemic all activities are carried out from home or work from home, this policy is implemented with the aim of breaking the chain of spread of COVID-19. With this policy, everyone has a lot of free time at home. Now, we can use this opportunity to improve our skills and knowledge even though we are only at home and of course by participating in various positive activities such as volunteering and internships.

What is the difference between these programs?? So as not to be confused and hesitate to keep be productive at home, read this article to help you guys make your choices. Sign up for volunteer or internship?


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Volunteering refers to activities or work altruistic when individuals or groups provide services without financial gain to help and benefit another person, group or organization. It’s is also known for skill development and is often intended to promote kindness or to improve the quality of human life. Volunteering may have positive benefits for volunteers as well as for the people or communities served. Many volunteers are specially trained in their field of work in such fields as medical, education, or emergency rescue. There are also volunteers who serve only when needed, such as in the event of a natural disaster.

Meanwhile, Internship is a job training program provided by companies, both large and small companies, to someone (of course they have to register for an internship program first at the company they are targeting) where they will be guided directly by professional workers so that they can improve certain skills in their field. world of work and the future.

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Program Objectives

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Literally, an internship is a job done to hone our skills professionally. In other words, this program are more identical and closer to the world of work because they are involved and contribute directly to moving the company. Generally, this program is opened by companies such as startups and corporates. The participants will perform a work function for the profit of the company.

Same like internships, Volunteers actually also have the same goal, namely to train their abilities based on the positions chosen by the participants. However, in accordance with the definition of volunteer, namely working voluntarily, the main purpose and intention of this program is to help the surrounding environment and carry out social actions. Therefore, this program has been opened by many non-governmental organizations (NGOs), humanitarian organizations, and non-profit organizations.

Duration and Work Contract

In terms of duration, volunteer programs usually have a shorter time span than internships, can be daily, weekly, monthly. And usually volunteer program will be opened per batch every 3 months to once a year. In terms of contracts, volunteers are not bound by contracts because all work is done voluntarily. Even though we are not bound by a contract, we still have to do all the work that is assigned according to the target and time that has been determined. Because our commitment to work is tested here.

Unlike volunteer program, internships are usually held in a period of 3 months to 6 months, according to the decision of the company or the organizing agency. Meanwhile, in terms of contracts, apprentices are bound by a work contract which is usually submitted at the beginning of the program. So all the participants must be fully committed to completing all tasks given according to the agreed duration and if proven to have committed a violation, then the participants will receive punishment as stated in the work contract.

Wage or Salary

Regarding wages, both of this programs are available in paid and unpaid. There are several things that affect the salary distribution in these two programs, namely the level of difficulty of the task, the location, the position occupied, the work system, and the company or institution that organizes it.

Even though we don’t get a salary, we can still get other benefits that are no less important, namely in the form of knowledge and experience in running the program. Because knowledge and experience is an investment for ourselves in the future.

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Field of Work

In this case, for the internship program, students in the college will usually do mandatory internships at certain companies and in accordance with the majors being occupied. For example, students majoring in accounting, positions that can be applied for are Finance Auditors. In addition to mandatory internships from universities, currently there are also many internship programs that are open to the public where all of us can register according to the terms and conditions that have been set and of course we can choose a general internship program that is different from the majors while in college.

Likewise with volunteering, it is almost the same as a general internships program, where participants can apply for different job positions with college majors. For example, there were participants who were interested in teaching but were not from the education department. Well, these participants can register in volunteering activities that have the task of teaching.

Broadly speaking, those are the 5 main differences between volunteering and internship programs. How about you comuniti friends? Have you decided which program you want to enroll in? Whatever your choice will be, hopefully it can be carried out well, wholeheartedly, and fully committed. Hopefully this article can help all of my friends who still don’t know what the difference between these two programs is and stay productive during this pandemic even if you’re only at home.

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