4 Serious Education Problem in Indonesia

4 Serious Education Problem in Indonesia

Indonesia is the fourth biggest populated country in the world, up to 250 million people live there. Besides, Indonesia is also the largest country with many archipelagos on the globe. It reached up to 17.000 islands along the equator between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. These conditions challenged the Indonesian government to spread the potential evenly. Many fields and sectors ought to be encouraged in order to give the Indonesian people fortune and prosperity.

The early step to push the potential to be a great situation is by concerning the Indonesia education problem. After the education problem is being solved piece by piece, then the other fields will also get better such as infrastructure, economy, governance, health care, environment, human capital, and so on. Then, let’s observe the 4 Indonesian education problems that ought to be concerned about below!

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Poor Infrastructure and Less Developed Program

Less developed access resulted in students;s difficulty to get into school

Since Indonesia has an enormous population and huge areas, it leads to the spread of the facilities unevenly.  Many small schools in the jumping-off place have no proper infrastructure and facilities. For example, there is a village where many students live and they have to go to the school by walking kilometres and passing by the broken bridge. This is very unsafe at all, however, the students still have an earnestness to keep going to school even daily.

Furthermore, another education problem is about the facilities and other support tools. There is an extent that the school has no computer and projector. These two tools are important to use in today’s situation where everything is going online and virtual. So, the teachers use primitive ways by only using blackboard and chalk.

Low Quality of Teachers

Illustration of less quality of teacher

Besides the infrastructure and facilities, the quality of the teachers also ought to be concerned. This might have happened since the lack of teacher quantity, understanding, and capacity during the teaching process. Moreover, there is still misplacement of teachers who are not in accordance with their educational background. As a result, the students might experience misunderstandings about the material that has been delivered. Thus, the government ought to pay attention to this, so that the misplacement will not happen next time.

The Length of Study

Illustration of drained student

Indonesia has a slightly different duration from other countries since the length of compulsory study ought to be at least 12 years. Besides, the duration during the class is up to 7 hours per day, which leads to the overwhelming for the students of school assignments and homework. The curriculum set up the students to be able to understand any subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies, art, athletics, and other subjects that can reach up to 8 subjects.

Curriculum Problem

Many changes of curriculum lead to the changes of material delivery

Many changes of the curriculum that applied in schools in Indonesia. The government tried to apply the 2013 Curriculum and it has a lot of challenges in implementing the training since the training process requires much time to reach the final. This has happened due to the frequent changes of the minister of education. If the minister is changing, so is the curriculum.

The changing system makes the students, as well as the teacher, feel confused since it affects the method of delivery, then, the teacher will also recreate the training model including the tools and syllabus. All of the learning processes will start from zero as well.

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This serious education problem ought to be immediately concerned since many fields as well as the sectors are affected and do not experience any progress. As we should remember what Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

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