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Coronavirus or Covid-19 Pandemic giving an impact on all of the aspects and one of them is education. The Covid-19’s spread had a huge impact on the economic world, which was beginning to subside, but the impact is now being seen in the educational sector. Many countries, including Indonesia, have adopted regulations that prohibit all educational programs, forcing the government and affiliated institutions to provide alternative teaching effectiveness for parents and educators that are unable to complete the teaching practice in educational institutions. during the pandemic, the COVID-19 education quality of Indonesia is getting better for an online class.

Emerging research also suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a pronounced detrimental influence on academic growth as the education quality for many students, hence exacerbating the previously mentioned inequities. The global economy is weakening, while cultural bonds are deteriorating, leading to a lack of connection and concern for others. The COVID-19 virus has had an effect on everyone, particularly in the field of education. We must be prepared to deal with these developments since, sooner or later, a COVID-19 epidemic will have a significant effect on education.

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Education Quality during pandemic

Virtual conditioning is a way of education process through the internet rather than in person involving teachers and students. This would be a significant problem for a teacher because, in such circumstances, the instructor should also be prepared to handle and construct technology in teaching (online media) in order to meet educational targets and avoid or anticipate student ennui while studying the online system.

A goal of education should be to educate the children and form the personality of a civilized country, This makes an opportunity to make good use of circumstances. There are several institutions that really using the occasion to develop of education quality of Indonesia. In the early of the pandemic, the Indonesian government has had a motivation and innovation to used local Chanel to learn of the subject of their school.

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Students were disproportionately impacted by Covid-related school closures because not all students had enough chances, equipment, or access to continuing learning during the pandemic. For millions of youngsters, school closures will threaten the existence of the schooling rather than a brief interruption.

People with less income were already harmed by inadequate educational possibilities, whereas anyone with enough income gain found schooling. People out there who relied on schools rather than computers and home responsibilities have much more inability to access their own learning led to advances online programs that have transferred the skilled workers of education from schools to people. As a result, people everywhere who relied on schools rather than personal computers but instead home environment have had more barriers to obtaining peoples school.

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To reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, several governments decided should close it down academic institutions. In Indonesia, Schools and universities have been shut down. Students use online educational programs such as Google Classroom to research from home. Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia, Nadiem Makarim, would also have started an educational Television block on TVRI and is preparing for a scenario in which students will be able to study online.

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