Top 5 Bold Indonesian Women Public Figures in Politics

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Top 5 Bold Indonesian Women Public Figures in Politics

When it comes to gender parity, Indonesia scored 45 out of 100 in terms of women’s legal protection and political voice. Women public figures are frequently regarded as less than men in politics. due to public prejudices. According to recent research, all political parties in Indonesia have not met the minimum quota of women’s representation, which explains the number previously. This strongly suggests that gender discrimination persists in Indonesia.

Nonetheless, in the face of stereotypes and discrimination, some women have made courageous remarks to affirm their gender’s worth and participation in politics. These females had a significant impact in their fields and encouraged many others to follow in their footsteps. The following below are 5 top bold Indonesian women public figures in politics:

Megawati Soekarno Putri, Indonesia’s First Female President

Source: Gesuri

Megawati Soekarno Putri is the daughter of Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno. Megawati’s admission into politics indicated she had broken her family’s pact not to run for office. Yet, growing up witnessing her father’s struggle, the lady is more than determined to make a change in Indonesia’s political system. Before she was elected president in 2001, she served as the 8th Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia under the supervision of Abdurrahman Wahid.

Among Megawati’s many accomplishments for Indonesia, the formation of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) merits special mention. The organization has succeeded in breaking the deadlock in handling corruption that is rooted in this country. Throughout its history, the KPK has valiantly detained numerous significant officials ranging from the government to the People’s Representative Council.

After her presidential term ended in 2004, she has been advocating for women to enter politics. She believes that women should not be reluctant to voice out political opinions.

Susi Pudjiastuti, Princess of The Sea

Known for her brave and fierce move in eradicating illegal fishing in the Indonesian seas, Susi Pudjiastuti has received the Peter Benchley Ocean Awards in 2017. The 49-year-old mother of three was initially selected by President Joko Widodo to be the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in the 2014-2019 Working Cabinet following the 2014 presidential election. She had no qualms in commanding the sinking of ships, particularly foreign ones, that had been shown to have stolen fish in Indonesian waters.

Susi’s name has become well-known among the general public after her video of the sinking of foreign fishing boats went viral. Throughout her ministry term, she aims to eliminate fishing theft by foreign vessels and increase Indonesia’s income from the fisheries sector.

Recently she posted an inspiring statement on Instagram that promotes gender equality and women empowerment, “Allow your imagination to run wild. Stop thinking about yourself as a woman with boundaries and limits all the time.”

Tri Rismaharini, Women Public Figure Changing Surabaya

Source: BeritaBeta

Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma is a brilliant and inventive woman. She has been appointed as Mayor of Surabaya for two terms owing to her dedication and honesty in constructing the city’s infrastructure. Risma strives to make the city clean, green, to bring the name and citizens of Surabaya known to the world. Not to mention, Bu Risma is also dear to the heart of college students. Previously, during previous protests against Indonesia’s political system, the woman of two children has been willing to go into the streets to counsel and educate youngsters.

She believed that gender equality is first and foremost a human right and social justice. Women’s opportunities to participate should not be limited simply because of the fact that they are women.

Najwa Shihab, Politician Journalist

Najwa Shihab is a well-known and inspiring Indonesian woman. This journalist and Mata Najwa TV show host are well-known for her intelligence, decisiveness, and critical thinking. She has acquired the trust of the public in the political realm. Throughout her program, she has proven that she is capable of conducting thorough interviews with respondents in order to obtain accurate information. Politicians and presidential candidates are often found to be attending interviews and debate session with Najwa Shihab.

When it comes to the role of women in politics she mentions, “More women should run for office, and more women should vote for other women. During the election yesterday, several people asked me who I was going to vote for. Vote women, in People’s Representative Council, chose women, in Regional House of Representative chose women, in Regional Representative Council, chose women.” Her experience made her believes that women should start playing a role in the country’s politics.

Putri Indahsari Tanjung, Presidential Special Staff

Source: JPNN

Last but not least is Putri Indahsari Tanjung. She is a 23-year-old entrepreneur that has been recently elected as a presidential special staff. At a very young age of 16, she has established her very own event organizer company, Creativepreneur, which focuses on spreading entrepreneurship all across Indonesia. It was surely not easy for him to embark on his entrepreneurial journey at such a young age. However, Putri managed to make a brand herself with all her achievements.

Putri Tanjung was even invited to be a millennial icon who is diligent, intellectual, and cares about society in a series of National Press Day activities in 2020. With her being on the presidential staff, she hopes to flourish and empower Indonesian workforces.


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