Watch Dogs, A 2014 Extraordinary Sandbox Game That Gives Us an Overview of A Smart City


Watch Dogs, A 2014 Extraordinary Sandbox Game That Gives Us an Overview of A Smart City

Every country strives for its cities to transform into smart cities, merging closer into the world of technology. From data storage to national security measures all programmed in the cloud space. It aims to protect data and the citizens as well as to increase green spaces in the given area.

This may seem way too far ahead and unreachable. Yet a game called Watch Dogs was able to precisely bring up an illustrational setting of a smart city. The game is set in fictionalized representations of real-world cities that have adopted ctOS. ctOS or Central Operating System is a cutting-edge digital information system meant to help manage a metropolitan region’s infrastructure.

With this game’s impressive graphic, players can get a glance at how the technology can impact society in the following future if a smart city system is implemented in their environment. If observed closely, they can weigh out what are the drawbacks and advantages of futuristic cities and perhaps develop a solution.

Introduction: What is “Watch Dogs”?

Watch Dogs
Source; TechInAsia

Watch Dogs is an action-adventure game published and developed by Ubisoft Montreal in 2014. It is playable on various platforms such as XBOX ONE, PS4, XBOX 360, PS3, PC and Amazon Luna. Players are able to control the protagonist, Aiden, from the third point of view. Aiden Pearce is a fictional, advanced hacker. He has studied technology for years and has been using it to protect his family. Unfortunately, he had rough teen years and made some enemies. The story started when Aiden’s niece was murdered in an accident. He started finding access to ctOS to seek revenge and justice for his family.

In the course of Aiden’s journey, players are brought across the smart city layout. They get to see how Aiden utilize the system throughout the town for his missions.

Watch Dog’s Smart City Features

Developers of the game have created various impressive futuristic city features for players to control and discover. The advanced infrastructure portrayed are estimated to be found in the concept of futuristic cities in the years to come:

  • Advanced surveillance CCTV
  • Automatic bridges
  • Automatic bollard
  • Automatic road spikes
  • Automatic gates and garages
  • Automated aerial work platforms
  • etc.

Advantages of Smart City

Smart City Advantage Through Watch Dogs
Source; The FWA

Increases green space

With the usage of cloud as a storage of data, there will be lesser space needed to keep the data in paper forms.

Increases efficiency

The automatic and compact system allow workers to work not as long and not as hard. It decreases time and energy needed to do the tasks.

Decreases crime rate

All the security technology given will decrease the crime rate as law enforcement personnel will be able to catch and track the criminals faster and more accurately. The game involves police chasing criminals and with that illustration given, players can see how police tackle the lawbreaker with the automated system.

Disadvantages of Smart City

Smart City Disadvantage Through Watch Dogs
Source: EndGadget

Security issues

In the game, Aiden himself is a hacker that succeeds in taking over the ctOS program. Therefore, it is concluded that if the system is applied, there will be cybercriminals waiting to execute their crimes. The safety of the data is not guaranteed fully.

Needs 24/7 power supply and connectivity

This whole program relies greatly on the internet as everything will be done and kept online. If there is a power outage, the city would not be able to function properly.

As the sayings go, a new solution comes with a new problem. Presuming that the governments are planning to build a smarter city, they’ll need to build precaution measures for the issues ahead. So, what do you think of the idea? Do you agree if this concept is carried out in the time to come?

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