6 Types of Poverty That Still Prevails Today

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6 Types of Poverty That Still Prevails Today

Throughout history, there has been a number of terms created on the subject of poverty, creating various types of poverty. Poverty still prevails as a worldwide problem up until today.

What is Poverty?

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Poverty is characterized by an inability to satisfy the bare minimum of basic needs, which includes both food and non-food items. The impoverished are people who earn less than a certain amount, also known as the poverty line. The poverty line is the number of financial resources that will be expended to meet basic life necessities, including both the minimum food and non-food living needs.

6 Types of Poverty

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There are various types of poverty in society. For more information, see the types of poverty listed below:

1. Relative Poverty

Relative poverty is defined as poverty caused by economic conditions as a result of income distribution inequality, resulting in inefficient resource allocation. The Gini index is used to calculate this inequality. When an individual suffers from relative poverty, they are unable to actively function in society and gain financially from experiences and activities that so many people overlook. This poverty is directly proportional to economic growth.

2. Absolute Poverty

Absolute poverty or usually known as abject poverty is described as a condition of poverty in which individuals or families have incomes that are either below the minimum standard or below the poverty line. The individual’s income can barely be used to sustain basic needs such as housing, education, food, health, and clothing. It is usually uncommon in developed countries.

3. Subjective Poverty

Subjective poverty occurs when a person has their own rationale for assuming that their needs have not been met adequately, despite the fact that the person is not impoverished. With the notion of subjective poverty, the underprivileged have a greater say in identifying when it exists.

4. Cultural Poverty

This understanding of cultural poverty is a type of poverty that came as a result of a community formed with a laid back culture’s attitudes or habits, as well as a lack of desire to improve their standard of living, as in modern society.

5. Structural Poverty

Structural poverty defines as a type of poverty that takes place when a social structure is unable to connect the community with the resources it possesses. It is often caused by inequality in the economic structure of a country.

6. Situational Poverty

Natural poverty is defined as poverty caused by uncontrollable factors such as a scarcity of natural resources and the ongoing pandemic resulting in a low level of productivity in the local community.

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Impact of Poverty to The Society

Impact of Poverty to The Society
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In general, poverty will have a negative impact on society. Upmost, poverty is frequently linked to criminal actions. Whilst, not reason, because poor people will do anything to meet their basic needs, including commit crime. Theft, robbery, robbery, fraud, and even murder are examples of these types of crimes.

Next, the mortality rate will increase as poverty reddens. People living in poverty often do not have access to adequate health care. Furthermore, poor nutrition is a common issue in impoverished communities. The poor’s health and physical development suffer as a result of a lack of nutritional intake. The poor suffer from high mortality rates as a result of this. 

Underprivileged people who lack access to education will struggle to compete in the world of work and business. This will lead to an increase in unemployment and a decrease in overall productivity. Soon, the country’s economy will be negatively affected resulting in a cycle of poverty.

Thus, with the impact of poverty given, it is acknowledgeable that poverty is a problem that should be diminished from today’s society.


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