Stop Poverty! 5 Things You Can Do to Help Fight Poverty

Children Living in Poverty

Stop Poverty! 5 Things You Can Do to Help Fight Poverty

Poverty has been a global-scale issue that dates back to the 1940s.  Government all around the world has made numerous attempt on initiating methods and theories to stop poverty since then yet it seems like nothing is changing. The number of people who barely have enough to live keeps on increasing, putting the world in a more threatened position each year, bringing us further to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This implies that poverty is not something that can end in the hands of a single party yet it is a was that we must fight together.

Before anything, it is wise to discuss what is poverty and why it is important to address it. Poverty itself is the state of not having enough financial resources to provide one’s necessities of life (e.g clothes, shelter, food, etc). Nowadays there are approximately 10% of the world’s population living in extreme poverty. It is vital to be aware of this ever-ending matter due to the fact that it can decrease the overall life quality of the general population. Poverty increases health risks, decreases mobility and causes more harm than we can imagine. Therefore, it is very important to acknowledge our responsibility in stopping poverty. The following below is 5 practical things we can do to help fight poverty:

1. Donate

Act of Donating to help Stop Poverty

The first call to action falls to donating. This is one of the easiest and versatile ways you can contribute to fighting world poverty. It does not always have to be in the form of money or financial support. You can always donate books, foods, toiletries even your spare clothing and furniture that you no longer use. By doing this, you help provide necessities for those who are in need, letting them survive for another day before the better.

2. Help Raise Awareness Through Social Media

In the present times, social media is a great way to share awareness with a greater audience. As mentioned before, stopping poverty is teamwork and to be able to do so, we need as many people as possible who cares for the cause and is eager to take the necessary measures.. This can be easily done through the work of your social media. Be an ambassador of change and educate your friends and families through the window of your phone on how they can lend a hand to fight poverty.

Help Raise Awareness of Poverty

3. Purchase from Shops that Supports The Cause

Shopping is an activity almost everyone loves. What if we say you can contribute to reducing the rate of poverty by shopping? There are a number of products in the world that might help eradicate poverty. For instance, try to purchase fair-trade and local products. Buying these can enable companies to improve their employees’ living standards. Interesting take, right?

4. Volunteering, a Way Full of Compassion to Stop Poverty!

When financial assistance is not a thing that you favour, consider donating your time for the poor. At this moment, there are hundreds of voluntary opportunities given out through different platforms that you can explore. Spend an hour or more in your nearest homeless shelter, soup kitchen or orphanage and experience being in touch with those who are in straitened circumstances.

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Volunteering as an Act of Stopping Poverty

5. Engage in or Create an Organization

No Poverty Organization
Credits: Su Nyoto 

Last but not least, is to engage in or establish an organization for to stop poverty. If working alone does not sound quite right to you, you can try participating in or even creating an organization that focuses on eradicating poverty. For instance: Concern Worldwide, Humanitarian Organization for Poverty Eradication and many more. By working in teams, you can get to know people with same mission and work hand in hand with them.

What do you think? Are you ready to take a step and be a part of the solution of poverty? Stand with those who are in the light and be the changemakers of the world.

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