Sustainable Transportation: A Unique Slice of Sustainable Development Goal 9


Sustainable Transportation: A Unique Slice of Sustainable Development Goal 9

The 9th Sustainable Development Goal is titled “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.” When it comes to such topics, sustainable transportation is hardly mentioned. Believe it or not, it is one of the most important subheadings yet is often forgotten. The society, within time, society adopts such a diametrically opposed lifestyle that being environmentally responsible by using a sustainable mode of transportation is neglected. The increasing level of air and noise pollution around the world has reached a tipping point. Therefore, actions need to be taken to stop it from rising further.

What is Sustainable Transportation?

Sustainable Transport illustration

Sustainable transportation is any means of transportation that is environmentally and socially sustainable. In a sense that it has low impact to the environment and left minimal carbon footprint. Aside from that, sustainable transport as well implies an affordable means of transport.

Why is it important?

Many might wonder of why is this subject vital to the continuation of all living beings. The following are the answers for the given skepticism:

  • Transportation is responsible for 29 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, according to the United States Environmental Agency. As a result, it is the major emitter of greenhouse gases. This worrying figure will continue to rise in the coming years as the world’s population grows.
  • Transportation is essential for sustaining people’s lives and livelihoods. It drives the world economy and promotes human growth.
  • Recent studies mentioned that approximately fifty percent of the world’s population is are exposed to increasing air pollution. There is also a rising mortality rate due to that concerning problem. Sustainable transport is one of the most effective ways to reach a better air quality.

Implementation of Sustainable Transport

Biking as an implementation of sustainable transportation.
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All living beings should realize that they are the ones responsible to the state of the earth. Therefore, to reduce the environmental impact of automobile, they should decide on pursuing a more environmentally friendly means of transport, for instance, cycling and walking. On the other side, there are various ways promoted and created by inventor and scientists especially with the fast development of technology. From hybrid vehicles, to public transport facilities. The following are remarkable major steps to take as a response to the issue above:

1. Encouraging electric vehicles

electric car charging station
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Electric vehicles have long been renowned for emitting far fewer pollutants and greenhouse emissions than gasoline-powered vehicle. The engine required no tailpipes, so, there will be little to none greenhouse gas emitted. Within a year, it is stated in some researches that one electric vehicle can reduce as much as 1.5 million grams of CO2. If everyone in the city purchases and operates electric vehicles, air pollution will be dramatically reduced.

2. Enhance walking and cycling path

walking and cycling path
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The government in several parts of the world has paid little attention to creating a feasible walking and cycling path. This causes demotivation to those who are actually interested in cycling and walking. In order to promote these activities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, these two paths must be improved and constructed.

3. Improve public transport

Last but not least is to improve the facilities of public transportation. With just one vehicle, almost 20-30 individuals are able to get to their destination and this will reduce the carbon footprint. However, although they know this well, many have neglected the usage of public transport due to its poor sanitation and hygiene. Yet, if actions are taken to improve the state of public transport today, more are willing to ride public transport.

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