The Initial 4 Steps With Huge Impacts to Prevent Poverty

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The Initial 4 Steps With Huge Impacts to Prevent Poverty

Poverty can be defined as a condition in which an individual or community lacks the budgetary assets and fundamentals for the least standard of living. It is implied that the income level from work is so low that fundamental human needs or requirements can’t be met. Poverty isn’t only about money, moreover includes issues of getting to services like healthcare, education, etc.

Poverty can be found everywhere, whether in developing or developed countries. Every country must be experience poverty, but what distinguishes it is that average developed countries can overcome the issue so that there is only a small amount of poverty.

So, what are the steps to prevent poverty?

1. Increase the Level of Quality Education

Quality education produces quality human resources

Education is very important for life, quality education would produce quality humans. However, it’s not that easy to implement quality and equal education, and the process takes a long time. Education can be found anyplace such as join a course, practical adult learning, even real-life examples of learning, but we are here to try to focus on building quality education through formal methods.

They start from Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, and University. But, what should be concerned to make quality education is, are the facilities adequate in every school? are there quality teachers or instructors in every school? is the system in every school good? Those are what we need to improve to get equal quality education. With quality humans, it would be getting easier to be qualified for any jobs related to their educational background, and getting a job can prevent someone from poorness. It would be no poverty if everyone in a country has a job, has an income, and no unemployment.

2. Improve Health Services

Accommodated health services

According to shows that About 4.2 million workers in January 2018 missed work because they had an illness, injury, or medical problem.

Some people might be thinking that how good health and health services can affect preventing to become poor, while health is essential. Workers can go to their work if they have good health and we can’t deny that some people can’t get treatment because there are no health services near their environment or maybe it’s too expensive.

With improving health services, we can help the workers by building more Hospitals or Clinics to maintain the workers’ health. And of course, providing equipment and medicine is the same as us investing for the health of our children in the future. So, maintaining health is also in terms of preventing poverty.

3. Create More Job Opportunities

Many jobs opportunities are available

The more job opportunities there are, the more people will be able to work. It is important to provide appropriate jobs that secure salaries and empowerment the poor, particularly women and more youthful individuals. Referring to tells that rapid economic growth can potentially bring a high rate of expansion of productive and remunerative employment, which can lead to a reduction in poverty. Thus, by having qualified human resources,  it would be a pity if there were only a few jobs opportunities available.

4. Unity of the Government and Civil Society to Tackle Poverty

Work together and work hard to prevent poverty

Certainly, no one wants to live in poor conditions, this kind of issue can be perceived by all countries. The solution is, to unite the government and civil society to prevent poverty, both parties must work hard together. The government that provides and fully supports everything regarding this issue, does not take sides with the upper-class society, and must still think about all its people.

As well as civil society, they must be motivated to live free from poverty. They must also be aware that they must be qualified as human resources and realize that they have to work and get rid of laziness because if they are lazy it can have an impact on the higher unemployment rate. And the same with help from the government to raising the minimum wage and lowering the price of basic goods. If both parties work hard together and support each other, the issues would be solved slowly, until the poverty rate continues to decrease.

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